Death by Chaos


Author:Renaii West

  • Publisher: ‎ Independently published
  • Publication Date: September 29, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 164
  • ISBN-13: 979-8692019400
  • ASIN: B08K478KYM

Mystery, murder, and relentless drama in the campus setting are among the strong elements that elevate the entertainment in Death by Chaos by Renaii West. The narrative features four beautiful, intelligent, and gifted girls who decide to become the goddesses of the liberal arts college in Southern California — Tasha, Elizabeth, Dawn, and Miranda. They seem to enjoy everything about the life they are reinventing for themselves, even having a crush on the same guy. But everything changes when a student is murdered on campus as graduation is set to take place. It gets even more complicated when one of them goes missing. The case goes cold and two decades after, their reunion is about to happen, and one of them is determined to revisit the past and unveil the secrets of that night. But this isn’t going to be as easy as a walk in the park, for complications come along in the form of a stranger on a motorcycle.

Renaii West creates an alluring image of campus life, allowing readers vivid images of what it feels like to be in a liberal arts school. The beautiful writing, punctuated by sparkling dialogues, the clever plotting, and the rich characterization make this tale a winner for those looking for fully drawn characters and an immersive reading experience. It is a suspenseful story with conflict that is deftly written, and the author writes characters that readers can relate to, creating scenes that are focused and vividly drawn, and intelligently weaving twists that readers won’t see coming. Death by Chaos is a supremely accomplished novel, marvelously crafted, and rich in detail. The author infuses the writing with humor and the unforgettable characters will stay in the reader’s memories long after the last page is turned. 

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo

Reviewed Date: August 14, 2022

Category: Mystery

Young Adult
Thriller, Suspense & Mystery