Children's Books

The Secrets of the Shallows

Gloria Barnett (Footprint to the Future)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

The Secrets of the Shallows by Gloria Barnett is an enthralling addition to the Lucy Morgan Adventure Series, tailored for readers aged 8-13. Barnett, a real-life ocean explorer and educator, weaves an engaging narrative that not only captivates young readers with its adventurous plot but also imparts valuable lessons about environmental conservation. The story follows 12-year-old Lucy Morgan, who, after settling on Pontus Island in the Caribbean, explores her newfound diving skills alongside friends, Jack and Solomon. Trusted to assist at the...

Maya and Waggers: I Have to Scoop What?

W.T. Kosmos (Wise Wit Press, LLC)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

Maya and Waggers: I Have to Scoop What? by W.T. Kosmos is an entertainingly fresh story that captures the beauty of childhood adventures, friendship, and the responsibilities that come with owning a puppy. This book is a delightful read for children aged 8 and above, packed with humor and lessons about life. The story takes place on Island Nation, where the Puddin’ Heads and Sweeties have a history of not getting along. However, this changes when a shipload of dogs and puppies arrives, and the Puddin' Heads, including Maya's family, rush to own...

Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown

Sallana Brown (SunGate Publishing)

| Reviewed by Kim Calderon

Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown by Sallana Brown is a delightful children's book that combines adventure, education, and environmental awareness in a captivating story. The book follows Jeremy and his friends as they embark on a mission to save the ash trees in a nearby forest from the invasive Emerald Ash Borer Beetles. The story begins with the children in science class, where they are introduced to the fascinating world of entomology—the study of insects. The author does an excellent job of making science engaging and relatable for young read...

Out of Time

Mark Golding (Olympia Publishers)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Mark Golding's Out of Time is a delightful romp through the realms of time and space, blending time travel, sleuthing, and adventure into a captivating tale for young and adult readers. At the story's heart is twelve-year-old Joe Jackson, a spirited adventurer with an insatiable curiosity. The narrative kicks off when Joe stumbles upon an old WWII bomb site, setting the stage for a series of extraordinary events. What makes Out of Time truly stand out is its imaginative fusion of time travel and quirky characters. Golding weaves a narrative tha...

Anna Belle Cook and The Boy Who Talked to Dogs

Bill Schweitzer (Black Rose Writing)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Anna Belle Cook and The Boy Who Talked to Dogs by Bill Schweitzer features characters from the author's engrossing Doves in a Tempest: The Valley of Horror. This is a wonderfully crafted book for kids and one that transports them into a fantasy world where dogs can talk — and kids will love the dogs in this book, starting from Sam. The setting is in Austin, Texas in 1958. Bobby is a six-year-old boy who grew up with a brain impairment that makes speech difficult for him. He learns to talk to dogs. So, when Anna Belle Cook and her friends come i...

Flying Circus Takes to the Skies

Leona Cobham (Cobham Wings)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Flying Circus Takes to the Skies by Leona Cobham is a well-crafted, action-packed story that will entice children — adults will find delight in the richly imagined characters as well. Four airplanes, four friends, each of them unique and vested with singular skills! F-14 Tomcat has the extraordinary ability to break sound barrier. F-15 Eagle tricks him and he forgets to refuel, hence ruining his dream of winning the race to Australia. Tom gets help from the most unlikely airplane, Woody. Woody suffers from low self-esteem and believes every oth...

Hudson's Piratey Summer

Mason Bell (Two Turkey Publishing, LLC)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

It is still summer and Hudson Boone travels to his grandmother's town for the holidays. His grandfather has just recently disappeared. The house he comes into is anything but normal — a nautical theme, strange voices, and forbidden rooms. When a whirlwind transports him into the past and by a pirate's ship, he joins the crew of pirates, under Net, a young pirate. While there are many dangers that await them, Hudsen is particularly targeted by mermaids who hold a very long grudge against his ancestry. Marilla, their leader is determined to crush...

LIAM: The Boy Who Saw the World Upside Down

R. Janet Walraven M.Ed. (Independently Published)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

LIAM: The Boy Who Saw the World Upside Down by R. Janet Walraven M.Ed. will draw tears into the eyes of readers as they watch the unfolding journey of Liam, a mentally retarded pupil, and a teacher who refuses to give up on him. When readers encounter Liam, he is bullied, name-called, and treated like a loser and crybaby. Liam's life feels like hell in elementary, but his teacher steps in not only to protect him but also to help him understand that he is every bit as important as everyone else and to allow his potential to shine. Follow Ms...

The Very Angry Toolbox

MIKE.J.B (Grosvenor House Publishing)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

The Very Angry Toolbox by Mike J.B. is a well-written and beautifully illustrated book for Children. What makes it different from the many Children's books in the market is that it contains sumptuous texts. The illustrations highlight aspects of the story, but this book is written for children who can read. The narrative starts in the middle and moves back to explore events leading up to the climax — the birthday of the protagonist. Characters like grandad and Leroy’s father are well-developed and readers will love to examine the impact they ha...

Dad There's a Hammerhead in The Shed

Rum Charles (Bookside Press)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Dad There's a Hammerhead in the Shed by Rum Charles is a captivating Children's book that features Vanessa, an adventurous and imaginative character who lives with her father. When Vanessa discovers a Hammerhead Shark in her dad's shed, she is stunned and wonders why it is there. She discovers the shark is struggling to get a nail from its nose. She is excited to help and she seeks assistance from her dad. Helping Hammerhead get the nail out of its nose becomes an exercise that teaches her how to use an important tool in her father's shed while...

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