Crossing the Line

Joy Slaughter (Flashover Press)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

Two genuinely flawed and humanly broken characters embark on a journey to healing and love in Joy Slaughter's Crossing the Line, an immersive romance that will have a strong appeal to fans of Sci-Fi and Literary Fiction. Megan Henderson, an EMS worker for Sacred Heart Hospital has a new partner, Nathan Thompson. Nathan is a war veteran who lost his leg in Afghanistan and Megan can't trust that he can handle the job but is surprised to discover that being fitted with a prosthetic doesn't affect him at all. While Megan can't fully trust Nathan, h...

Sydney's Passion

Susie wright (Fulton Books)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Sydney's Passion by Susie Wright is the story that follows a young girl who is out to make her dream come true in the horse racing industry. Kentucky has one of the most outstanding tracks for equestrian racers and young Chase Payne stands out, bathing in his glory of continually excelling on the tracks. There is no sign of giving up as he goes from one win to the next. But who is this boy called Chase? An unexpected accident might have surprises for readers, and more. This is a well-plotted story that will instantly arrest...

Sweet Little You

Joni Halabi ()

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

Sweet Little You by Joni Halabi is colorfully illustrated by Lisa Wee. Before having her baby, a mother makes plans for her child. While it takes two to tango, she has been the only one in the parenting game, finding a way to make a baby. When her dream finally comes true, she makes a promise to her the little child to her the child dream big and explore and find the adventure that life has in store. She delivers a heartwarming promise to always be there for the child and help the child be who it is meant to be. This book contains a delightfu...

My Dad's Pumpkin

Susannah Nilsen (Floribunda Publishing)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

In My Dad's Pumpkin by Susannah Nilsen, a young boy tells readers about his dad, an autistic who is very intelligent and whose creative genius enables him to bring his thoughts to reality. His dream is to grow the largest pumpkin in the world. The protagonist is a recluse, a father and husband, a builder, inventor, and scientist who loves to spend time alone in his workshop. While the young boy’s mom loves all the things his father does, she is appalled when he gives legs to the biggest pumpkin and makes it move, chasing his older sister. A man...

You Can't Wear That!

Susannah Nilsen (Floribunda Publishing)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

You Can't Wear That by Susannah Nilsen is a colorfully illustrated Children's book following the Baby Prince Christian, born to a royal family of dwarfs. He is half human, so he is destined to be taller than the average dwarf. The King is particularly thrilled as he dreams of the young prince growing up to be brave, slaying dragons and rescuing princesses. But things begin to take an awful turn for the family as the young prince grows older. He is more inclined to wear his mother's clothes than he does for his father's. Prince Christian learns...

Song Over Silence: A Story About Finding My Voice While Healing Child Incest Abuse

Jill Dyann Bittle (FriesenPress )

| Reviewed by Kim Calderon

Song over Silence: A Story about Finding My Voice While Healing Child Incest Abuse by Jill Dyann Bittle is a spellbinding memoir that documents the author's journey to healing from sexual abuse. While her parents were away on vacation, Jill's paternal grandfather sexually molested her when she was a child. It is a case of incest that has haunted her as she grew older, one that remained lodged in her subconscious mind and that affected her relationships in life far more than she could decipher. The consequences of the abuse followed her eve...


Tricia T. LaRochelle (Flaming Heart Press)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Fans of Flickering Heart will be genuinely delighted by Tricia T. LaRochelle's Revive. It is the second entry in the Sara Browne series. Sara Browne is experiencing disturbing nightmares, still not able to walk past a traumatic experience. Her relationship with Scott offers her strength, but she still has to deal with the doldrums that come alongside college life. When the story of Carrie Stevens, a student who went missing a year ago resurfaces, she becomes obsessed with it. She wants to uncover what happened to her and wonders if this is link...

Flickering Heart

Tricia T. LaRochelle (Flaming Heart Press)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Intricately plotted and emotionally rich, Flickering Heart by Tricia T. LaRochelle follows eighteen-year-old Sara Browne, a sole survivor of an accident who has spent the last six years held hostage by PTSD, a condition that separated her from people around her. When she decides to embrace change, she is looking forward to making friends and having some adventure — even dating someone. All of that comes in one bundle — the six-foot-three, beguilingly handsome Scott Williams. The only problem is that William has had a score of ex-girlf...

The Wishing Tree

Bevan Knight (Austin Macauley Publishers LLC)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

In The Wishing Tree by Bevan Knight, a sorcerer’s apprentice locks a powerful spirit in a tree, unleashing a curse on the tribes of the Arctic. Food supplies get scarcer and scarcer, with little game and fish. The young men of the tribes begin to leave their families to look for a better life elsewhere. Dornio is amongst those who are thirsty for adventure, and with him is Sheena, a woman he saved. Sheena wants to find her missing foster parents. None of them knows that a terrible evil lurks beneath the bowers of a tree. Do they have what...


Bevan Knight (Booktrail Publishing)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Earthlight by Bevan Knight is the second book in the Seeds of Time trilogy, a superb read for fans of science fiction that features magic, space travel, romance, and a lot of drama. A family living in the future must survive amidst a plethora of challenges and existential threats. Their situation becomes precarious with the visit from the Croans who are on a scientific expedition. Can they survive against the odds? Readers encounter compelling characters, each dealing with a unique situation. Euse and Ess are on their expedition to different p...