Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Pyramids of Meridian

Sam Arnold (BookBaby)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Pyramids of Meridian by Sam Arnold is an intriguing tale with a dystopian setting in another world that will arrest the attention of readers. Michael Rene Gostani dies in the Vietnam War and in the afterlife, he discovers that he is invested with a unique gift that allows him to free billions of trapped souls and build the city known as Meridian. A vicious, evil entity awakens and is on the path to destroying everything Michael has built. Michael crosses paths with Nathan Doss and Kelly Pear, strangers from the world of the living. They ar...

Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One

Michael J. Brooks (Creative-visionary Works)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One by Michael J. Brooks features two books in one. Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn is the first book in the series. In this first book, the class struggle becomes the pivotal point of conflict in a utopian world where the government of the Commonwealth lives luxuriously with the select few in Eden while those in Satellite One experience misery. Randal Scott is a young soldier who, together with his lover Stacie Spencer, rises against the man who destroyed his mother. But nothing is what it seems as b...

Into The Seventeen Towers

Jareth Z. Navratil (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Fans of Cornelia Funke's Inkheart will find themselves lost in the pages of Into The Seventeen Towers by Jareth Z. Navratil. The protagonist is Nathaniel, a character with a unique gift but one that will never exchange his comfort for anything that demands effort. He has the unique gift of entering into the pages of books. Yes, he is mediocre and good for nothing. When he discovers an unfinished manuscript written by his grandfather, The Seventeen Towers, he is intrigued. He has never ventured into an unfinished book. But what are the stak...

The Sleeping Myth (Shadow Journey Book Three)

Jo Allen Ash (Potter Street Books)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

The Sleeping Myth is the third book in the Shadow Journey series by Jo Allen Ash. In book two, Grace and her friends survived impossible odds, faced many enemies, and lived through the most trying experiences as they deepened their friendship, trust and the ability to hold each other's back while seeking answers. In this installment, they journey through the mountains seeking for a place of legend known as Cavern of Sleeping Myth. Will they discover the hidden import of a prophecy regarding the three — the warrior, the witch, and the thrice-gif...

The Thrice-Gifted Child (Book Two in the Shadow Journey Series)

Jo Allen Ash (Potter Street Books)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

The Thrice-Gifted Child by Jo Allen Ash is the second entry in the Shadow Journey series and it takes off where book one ended. Sixteen-year-old desert warrior, Grace Irese, has successfully escaped from the juvenile prison together with Duncan Oaks. With Carina and Mika they face terrifying challenges and enemies, after rescuing the enigmatic child — Duncan's sister, Resa. The tyrant who has condemned Duncan and Grace to the juvenile facility is still after them but the world they navigate is equally frightening. With Resa showing strange symp...

Disunion: Book One: The Mantiz Gambit

John Whitman (self published)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

Disunion is the first entry in The Mantiz Gambit series by John Whitman and an enthralling read for fans of science fiction. The Earth has expanded its colonization into other planets, and when the planet Acadia begins to clamor for its independence from the Union, problems ensue. Ex-Fleet Commander Matt Ryder is torn between supporting Acadia, the planet on which he was born and Earth in which he has strong roots and loyalties. With the impending civil war, Amanda Chester investigates the involvement of alien forces in the rebel...

A Path of Fire

C. A. Kinnee (Carol Kinnee)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

A Path of Fire by C. A. Kinnee is a spellbinding epic fantasy that features a well-imagined and wonderfully executed plot, memorable characters and strong themes of magic and the quest for immortality. Danika is born into a family of magic, and hers is the kind that pushes her towards goodness. But her brother, Jahkon, possesses dark magic. It grows inside him, filling him with the quest for more power. Everything takes a dramatic and painful turn for Danika when her brother asks her to marry one of his minions. His intention is far beyond anyt...

Crystal and the Underlings: The Future of Humanity

Jack Kelley (Torchflame Books)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Crystal and the Underlings by Jack Kelley should be a literary hit, a novel most suitable for Motion Picture. Crystal is considered the best fighter and strategist amongst the seventh generation of genetically enhanced humans — fast, smart, and strong. In this dystopian world, humans are considered inferior to enhanced humans. So, when Crystal's twin brother goes missing in the Mojave Desert, she makes the resolve to do whatever it takes to bring him back. Leaving the Imperial City, she travels — alone — to the very heart of the underlings, hun...

Home Rule: Book III of The Tribal Wars

Stella Atrium (Stella Atrium Writes)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

Home Rule is the third entry in The Tribal Wars Saga by Stella Atrium and an engaging science fiction narrative that will have fans of soap opera fully invested. Rabbenu Ely's reign is brutal and unwanted, and as a form of protest, Arrivi women burn themselves in the streets. With the city of Urbyd under siege by the Madquii and Gora tribes, Brianna Miller hopelessly seeks a peace treaty. The rebellion by the women desperate to get earth's attention is noticed by Hershel Henry, a photojournalist. Henry wants to cover the conflict but gets himse...

Drifters Realm (Book One)

AnneMarie Mazotti Gouveia (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Drifters Realm (Book One) by AnneMarie Mazotti Gouveia is an epic fantasy set in a magical world. First City Leader Quinlan and his daughter who is a Storm Catcher, Tora, are determined to destroy their world. Ori and Roe are twelve-year-old twins living in this mystical world together with their older brother, Theo. The siblings want to know more about their father and set out on a journey that will take them through dangerous terrain — from forests to deserts and unimaginable enemies. They have magical powers — Roe is a Life Giver, Ori is a S...

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