Children's Books

The Pig Who Loved Gluffles

Tony Philips (Idle Brains Publishing)

| Reviewed by Matthew Novak

In The Pig Who Loved Gluffles by Tony Philips, a pig who loves gluffles meets a resourceful rabbit who sells him ten pounds of the stuff. After consuming everything in one sitting, the pig goes looking for more. The rabbit is surprised to see the pig again at his door at four o'clock in the morning saying, “There’s a hole in me that’s burning.” He goes off looking glum as the rabbit tells him he doesn’t have anything for him. But the rabbit knows a secret place where gluffles grow in the heart of the woods. So he creeps there just to...

Alphabet of Flowers

Gloria D. Gonsalves (AuthorHouse UK)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Alphabet of Flowers by Gloria D. Gonsalves should be a book to help children learn the alphabet, but there is far more to this book than using the names of flowers to memorize the alphabet. It is a well-researched book that provides interesting information about flowers. Many readers will discover new types of flowers and learn about the unique qualities of some flowers, or their origins. This colorfully illustrated book is designed to help Children read, but it also contains fun information about glowers for adult readers. For instance, Call...

The Turquoise Tail

Rachel Bate (Mascot Books)

| Reviewed by Morgan Amos

Self-love, self-acceptance, and individuality are three themes from author Rachel Bate's Turquoise Tail. The book invites readers into coyote pup Cielo's world as she discovers she physically does not resemble the rest of her family. They all have brown tails; hers is blue and stands up straight. Not understanding why or how this could have happened sends her family into a whirlwind of sadness and has them confused. It is already a trying experience for Cielo to accept that she is different, but her siblings and other acquaintanc...

Alycat and the Cattywampus Wednesday

Alysson Foti Bourque (Pelican Publishing)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

It is a Wednesday, a very ''cattywampus Wednesday!'' when Alycat hurries out of bed just to discover her breakfast has neither eggs nor beignets; it is a seafood gumbo. She wonders why they should have dinner, for breakfast. That is just the beginning of the troubles for the day. As Alycat and her brother, Bugsy, grab their backpacks and hurry out to the bus, she discovers their house is the last stop of the bus today— it has always been the first. Everything is different this Wednesday and in school, it doesn't get any better as the kitten sud...

The Secrets of Chilkoot Trail

Suse Wilcox (Joie Press LLC)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

A children’s tale that is filled with magical realism and strong environmental themes, The Secrets of Chilkoot Trail by Suse Wilcox follows the adventure of stunningly wrought characters that fans of the Children’s fiction will adore. Pearl and her brother have always gone to their grandparents for summer vacation, and this has been the highlight of their holidays as they come back with a lot to talk about when they resume school. This time, they are joined by CJ, a foster kid who is temporarily in the care of their grandparents. A hiking adven...

Danger Peak

Michael Thomas Perone (Wheatmark)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Thirteen-year-old Robert Kin and his two best friends, Chris and Rinnie are members of the motorbike-racing club, the Wild Boars. The teens live in a suburban town in the '80s. With the help of their technology teacher “Doctor” Howard, a new bike is built for Robert — enhanced and more performing. His dream is to conquer Danger Peak, the same dream his older brother, Danny, died trying to accomplish. But does he have what it takes to scale the treacherous mountain and see what lies beyond? Danger Peak by Michael Thomas Perone is fierce, laden...

Desert Bliss

Rachel Bate (Mascotbooks)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

In Desert Bliss by Rachel Bate, a calico kitten decides to embark on a dangerous adventure. Under the moon and the stars, he sees a coyote howling in the distance. Calico thinks there must be something better than the monotony of life as he knows it. Besides, it’s been a while since his mother left them. So enticed by the thought of doing something new, Calico seizes the moment. Out into the night, he begins to think about the impulsiveness of his decision. He hasn't thought about where to get food and water. When he meets the coyote who i...

Honeycake: A Helping Hand

Medea Kalantar (Medea Kalantar)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

Honeycake: A Helping Hand by Medea Kalantar is a heartwarming story that will delight children and instruct them on a very important human value — acceptance. In this sixth entry in the Honeycake series, Nala's uncles, Victor and George, take her to a party. It is a fundraising party hosted by Alexis. Alexis is two years older than Nala and has an artificial arm because her arm couldn’t grow normally. When she is introduced to Alexis, Nala is surprised to find out that Alexis doesn't seem bothered by her handicap. In fact, she opens a door for...


Janice Laakko (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

Dee Lanson is a fifth-grader with so many issues. She is not comfortable with the way that Samantha stares at her. Things could be better for Dee except that Samantha has found a way of getting into her circle of friends. The desire for revenge escalates everything, putting her in a more complicated situation. While her classmates are determined to win in the softball and kickball competitions, Dee has so much to worry about. Can she get along with Samantha and feel comfortable at school and can she find peace at home? Gloppy by Janice Laakko...

A Splash of Colour

Susannah Nilsen (Floribunda Publishing)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

A Splash of Colour by Susannah Nilsen offers a unique reading experience and adventure for Children. It is a book about birds and it is written to help young Children identify different colors while following the different adventures of the multi-colored birds, starting with the red bird that lives by the sea and that loves having green birds over for tea. The imagery is strong and colorful, including the brown and green birds that fly away from the branch and the two little blue birds that stand face-to-face, singing a perfect tune to one...

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