Neville Chamberlain's War: How Great Britain Opposed Hitler, 1939-1940

Frederic Seager (Independently published on Amazon)

| Reviewed by Matthew Novak

Neville Chamberlain's War: How Great Britain Opposed Hitler, 1939-1940 by Frederic Seager is a historical book that will have an irresistible appeal to history buffs and readers interested in modern politics. In this narrative, the author takes readers on a rollicking ride back through time to relive one of the disastrous moments in British history. The phoney war was declared by the UK against Germany. Britain and France had made elaborate plans to cripple the Germans economically and militarily. Compelled to go to war because of public opinio...

Narrow: Preserving Fundamental Beliefs from Progressivism

Brandon Foster (High Bridge Books)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Narrow: Preserving Fundamental Beliefs from Progressivism by Brandon Foster is a book with a very simple and straightforward message: ''If we desire to follow His (God's) ways, which lead to life, we have to follow His desires and decrees.'' In this book, he illustrates how progressive Christianity has departed from the concept of the straight and narrow path, embracing biblical interpretations in a way that does not reflect the mind and character of God. Just like most traditional Christians, the author has felt annoyed at the popular group wh...

The MENtal Fight Of Your Life

Freddie Floyd Jr. (Covenant Books)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

The Mental Fight of Your Life by Freddie Floyd Jr. is a book that will shape the way most people, both young and old, see themselves and those they love. It is a book that is essentially about relationships — with ourselves, with others, and we God — and the author offers surprising lessons on love, explores the primacy of love as a gift from God who has loved us unconditionally and deeply, examines contemporary relationships and what hurts them, provides a winning path to succeed in life while finding meaning and purpose. Readers will understa...

Pebbles and the Biggest Number

Joey Benun (Joey Benun)

| Reviewed by Morgan Amos

What's the biggest number you know? Is it 27 Million, 1 Billion, or 3 Trillion? Find out the answer in Joey Benun's Pebbles And The Biggest Number. Pebbles is a butterfly, and he journeys in different parts of the world to discover the largest number. He asks various animals he meets what they think the most significant number is. They give him their answer, but it doesn't satisfy his curiosity until he meets another butterfly, who, like him, is on her journey to find the largest number. Will Pebbles find the most significant number?The fu...

The Last Skinweaver

W. G. Hladky (Middle River Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

The Last Skinweaver by W. G. Hladky is a novel with a strong appeal to a wide audience — thriller lovers, fans of science fiction, and fantasy enthusiasts. The novel delivers a setting that captures the austere and challenging, featuring characters that are vividly drawn, complex, and memorable in many lights. The protagonist is Roge Callan, a man who has grown tired of his father and now changes his name and finds refuge in the camp of a former enemy, together with a banished RangerKnight. The Skinweavers are known for their barbarism in the p...

One Reason to Live: A Memoir About Surviving Trauma

Christine Rose (Blue Moose Press)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Christine Rose's One Reason to Live: A Memoir About Surviving Trauma opens with a moment of crisis in the author's life. She already considers herself a failed author and filmmaker. But failing as an author is far less than what Ms. Rose has experienced in life. She has suffered from multiple traumatic events, including sexual assault and divorce after fifteen years of marriage, and it is more painful because she didn't make the choice to leave her husband. Her life has been characterized by depression and suicidal thoughts, and having hit rock...

The Noble Adventures of Beryl and Carol

Jeremy Sherr (Independently Published)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

The Noble Adventures of Beryl and Carol opens in the midst of a crisis when Beryl and Carol find themselves at a dead end on their escape from bullies who can be there any moment too soon. The twelve-year-old girls are best friends who live in a small beautiful town in England. While they love their city and its natural environment, they are always at the mercy of bullies. When cornered by the bullies and reaching a dead end on their escape, the two girls find themselves in the Forbidden Forest and thus begin an adventure that is as rollic...

When She Comes Knocking

Dan McDowell (Black Rose Writing)

| Reviewed by Morgan Amos

After the death of their son Jake, Ben and Hannah Decker hope for a new beginning when they move into their home at 1737 17th Street in Dan McDowell's When She Comes Knocking. Ben is a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry, and Hannah is an artist. Ben and Hannah try their best to cope with the loss of their eldest son while still raising and being there for their youngest, Davey. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned once they meet their new neighbor, Jean Jackson. While Jean is a welcome distraction for Hannah, Ben feels she has u...

The Story Of...

Shirley B Novak (Fulton Books)

| Reviewed by Matthew Novak

The Story Of... by Shirley B Novack follows Jacob Kalinsky, born in Poland in 1904. His father, Max, is a poor chicken farmer in the town of Koretzis, and he is a bad-tempered man who has no patience, especially for his children. When Jacob's sweet and loving mother dies, he is just 12 and he and his nine-year-old brother are sent to live in a brothel. They are under the care of Jordanna, a kind woman who runs the brothel, but it will be three years before Jacob's father comes for them. By that time, the young Jacob is already a broke...

The Second Child

Regina Toffolo (Barletta and Bellami)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

The Second Child by Regina Toffolo is a spellbinding, gorgeously written, and poignant memoir that examines the effects of addiction and mental illness, following the author's painful journey. Raised in Maryland, Regina grew up with an elder sister who was 11 years older than her and two adopted brothers, aged 3 and 4. Her mother grew fonder of her older sister with whom she shared a unique bond. The two created a world of their own, shutting out Regina's other siblings. While her older brother always defended her, she felt hurt when he drifted...