Long Enough to Love You

Kirsten Pursell (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Morgan Amos

''Love can be uniquely beautiful in its most raw, honest, and emotional way.'' Jenn embarks on an unforgettable journey as she fights to find and reignite the vibrant and free-spirited person she once was. She discovers that divorce doesn't mean the end as she reunites with her first love, who helps her to find the love and passion that lay dormant inside of her in author Kirsten Pursell's Long Enough to Love You. This book is a romantic, appealing read where the character stays true to herself and is steadfast with what she wants des...

At the Chameleon, Turn

Victoria Carisimo (Grech Jewellers)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

In At the Chameleon, Turn by Victoria Carisimo, a celebrity must re-invent himself to win the heart of a woman he loves. This heartwarming, compelling contemporary romance follows Ethan Farrell, a famed movie star and a man who easily gets the attention, not only of the media but of women. While on a trip to Adelaide, Australia, he meets midwife, Ariel Lubian, at a hospital charity event, and his attraction to her is immediate. But winning her heart isn't going to be easy, especially when someone is determined to spread rumors about him. Follow...

Mango Blood

Maryvonne Fent (BookBaby)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

Mango Blood by Maryvonne Fent is the sequel to The 35¢ Dowry. After following Stefan to India, Minouche's life is transformed in far many ways than she could ever have imagined. Now married, the couple pursues different passions. Stefan studies at Madras University while Minouche studies Indian dance. Fascinated by an ancient Indian musical instrument called the veena, she decides to get a degree in ethnomusicology. Her marriage and academic endeavors are threatened when she chooses to help Laila, the daughter of a Brahmin, to retake control of...

Mick & Moira & Brad: A Romantic Comedy

Gerald Everett Jones (LaPuerta Books and Media)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

Moira Halimi-Joubert is a criminal defense lawyer who also studied opera. She helps her boyfriend, the billionaire hedge-fund manager, to close deals. Mick McGraw, a relentless Hollywood agent who represents the top-tier characters in the industry, is at his wit's end when he and his team are left hanging as the superstar they have scheduled for a stadium concert cancels nine weeks before the opening night. Mick needs someone to fill the spot, and Moira might be the missing jewel. Mick is determined to make a superstar out of Moira, but with he...

You Speak For Me Now

Sandy Graham (Parker-Graham Software, Inc.)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

An enormously engaging romance with strong political underpinnings, You Speak for Me Now by Sandy Graham takes readers on a rollicking ride as they follow an unlikely couple in the struggle to survive against the odds. John McEwan is an outspoken man who is in love with Emma Simon, a deaf, introverted character. John McEwan's involvement in political activities earns him fierce enemies, forcing him and Emma to live in seclusion. With mounting vicissitudes, can their love survive? Sandy Graham has written a story that is rooted in realism, craf...

Rebel's Knot

Cryssa Bazos (W.M. Jackson Publishing )

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Rebel's Knot by Cryssa Bazos is a spellbinding historical romance with a rich setting against the backdrop of war-torn Ireland's 1652. It is the last days of the English invasion and Áine Callaghan finds herself alone, the only survivor of the murderous attacks by English marauders. She is found by Niall O'Coneill whose own kin have been killed in the same attack and who is determined to exact vengeance for his loved ones. Niall brings Áine to the safety of one of the encampments controlled by the Irish soldiers in Tipperary. As the connection...

A Breach in Time

Pamela Todd-Hunter (Mirador Publishing)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

A Breach in Time by Pamela Todd-Hunter is a spellbinding first entry in the Coeur de Lion series, a tale that will enthrall fans of time travel romance. Alixandra Evans is a history buff, but never imagined experiencing history until an ancient brooch transports her to twelfth-Century France. She meets Richard, the Duke of Aquitaine and the legitimate future King of England as she stumbles out of the forest. The Duke is deeply moved by her courageous spirit and offers her a role in his household. Alix has only hoped to be in the Duke's househol...

Diesel's Keepsake: A Dark Mafia MC Romance

Jill Shannon ( Blushing Books Publications)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Diesel's Keepsake: A Dark Mafia MC Romance by Jill Shannon is the third book in The Celtic Demons trilogy, a book that reads beautifully as a standalone novel. When Ciara O'Malley accepts a position at the Horry County coroner's office in South Carolina, it is in an effort to recreate her life. She wants a fresh start and, if possible, a new Dom. Romeo 'Diesel' Diaz is a broken man and he has carefully built solid walls around his heart. That is until the sudden death of his sister, Isabella. Consumed by grief and pain in his heart, he is...

Hunter's Treasure: A Dark Mafia MC Romance

Jill Shannon ( Blushing Books Publications)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Hunter's Treasure: A Dark Mafia MC Romance by Jill Shannon features strong themes of romance, human trafficking, and power exchange. Willow Lawson wants to help her boss navigate a world of blackmail. Someone is using her boss’ past to hurt him and Willow is determined to do anything she can to help. Hunter 'Saint' Murphy is a man haunted by nightmares, a veteran who finds brotherhood in the Celtic Demons group. When he meets Willow, a whole new world opens for him with new possibilities. As he works with Willow to help her unravel the mystery...

Killian's Masterpiece: A Dark Mafia MC Romance

Jill Shannon ( Blushing Books Publications)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Shannon takes readers on a rollicking ride in her wonderful rom-com Killian's Masterpiece: A Dark Mafia MC Romance, a story that follows two characters trapped in an exciting romantic adventure while battling with loyalties. Rachel's plans of retiring to a quiet island and restarting her life are thwarted when a shipment she created for a drug lord, Don Santoro, goes missing. She is given fourteen days to retrieve the shipment and as she sets out to locate it, she becomes embroiled with Killian, the Vice President of the Celtic Demons. Killian...

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