Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Dragon's Zenith

Jason F Boggs (Mill City Press)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

The Dragon's Zenith by Jason F Boggs is the third and final entry in the Dragon Trilogy and an enthralling tale for fans of epic fantasy. While this is the third and final book in the trilogy, it reads beautifully as a standalone novel, with plenty of background information to fill in the blanks for new readers. This spellbinding narrative follows Nelson Jones and his motley team of misfits as they wage battles against powerful enemies bent on dominating the galaxies. Ira Bilis heads the New Era, a regime once ruled the Earth in a time of crisi...

The Darkest Side of the Moon

M. C. Ryder (M.E.C. Publishing)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

Fans of YA Fantasy and Paranormal will drown in The Darkest Side of the Moon by M. C. Ryder, a story that follows Nadine Drexel whose normal is dramatically altered with the arrival of the new kid in school. What preoccupies Nadine's mind is getting through High School. She is one who doesn't follow the crowd and she is happy to live that way. But everything changes for her and everyone when Vinson Weber arrives. Girls at school at swooning over him, including Nadine's best friend, Camille. Yet Nadine is unmoved, unable to accept the arrogance...

A Ghost with a Heart (IMMORTOLOGY Book 3)

C.L.R. Draeco (Independently published)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

A Ghost with a Heart is the third book in the Immortology series by C.L.R. Draeco and it follows A Ghost in a Bottle. Bram Morrison, the robotics engineer who discovered a way to cheat death helped Torula Jackson to perfect her study of what happens to human consciousness after death. In this third installment in the series, Torula is in a hospital now, but her life isn't safe yet. Meanwhile, Bram and the team at NASA Ames Research Center must face the challenges and dilemmas created by future technology. It is a world of hyperwills, robots, gh...

The Shadows We Make: Shadow Journey Series Book One

Jo Allen Ash (Potter Street Books/Robin Maderich Publishing)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

The Shadows We Make is the first, compelling entry in the Shadow Journey Series by Jo Allen Ash, a YA fantasy with an irresistible spell for fans of Hunger Games and fantasy tales with finely drawn settings and complex characters. Sixteen-year-old Grace Irese has been practically under lock and key. She is a desert warrior — strong-willed, highly skilled, and defiant. Duncan Oaks is a young member of the Grif-Drif, an association of men who would take any job if the payment was right. They are tricksters, deceivers, and opportunists. Grace and...

Beginning of Arrogance

Bryan Cole (Tellwell Talent)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

A wonderful opening for a promising series, Beginning of Arrogance by Bryan Cole introduces readers to the fantasy world of Gods and heroes — and the hero of the story is an unlikely one. While the world has always adored paladins, chosen by the Gods, ReckNor, the wild and tempestuous God of the seas and the skies makes an unusual choice when he calls Krell to be his paladin.Krell has been found on Watford docks by his alcoholic mentor after being rescued at sea floating on ship debris. The god ReckNor loves his courage and enlists hi...

My Life On Earth And Elsewhere

Peggy Payne (Hydra Publications)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Cleverly plotted and mesmerizing read for fans of YA Paranormal and lovers of Fantasy, My Life On Earth And Elsewhere by Peggy Payne, follows sixteen-year-old Darcy who suddenly has an out-of-body experience at a most critical moment of her life. She has always believed that the bond that binds her family — father, mother, and daughter — is far stronger than anything can break. But divorce is about to end what she has thus far considered normal, and with it, something else is happening to her. It begins when her spirit rises out of her body and...

When North Becomes South

Rebecca Bronson (Rebecca Bronson)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

In When North Becomes South by Becky Bronson, the world as we know it is disrupted when power grids and communication networks are destroyed by a solar flare. As if that isn't enough to make life impossible to live, the magnetic fields begin to shift and with radiation happening in many parts of the world, life becomes very difficult. Against this backdrop, a family is torn apart, navigating the increasingly changing environment and seeking answers for a future that is filled with uncertainty. Laurie is not sure if she will ever see her two son...

The Last Skinweaver

W. G. Hladky (Middle River Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

The Last Skinweaver by W. G. Hladky is a novel with a strong appeal to a wide audience — thriller lovers, fans of science fiction, and fantasy enthusiasts. The novel delivers a setting that captures the austere and challenging, featuring characters that are vividly drawn, complex, and memorable in many lights. The protagonist is Roge Callan, a man who has grown tired of his father and now changes his name and finds refuge in the camp of a former enemy, together with a banished RangerKnight. The Skinweavers are known for their barbarism in the p...

Culver City

Brant Vickers (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Philip Zozzaro

Cassady and Kyle are best friends living in the shadow of movie magic. They live in Culver City, where MGM Studios is headquartered. They learn about the studio backlot, where various shows and films were shot. They trespass onto the lot and are floored by the treasures they find. One particular night, a late-night visit leaves them mesmerized by the lot. The boys spy on a captivating girl floating in a vivid light, but they flee, in a state of fear. The backlot has a special pull on Cassady and Kyle, so they return. They are greete...

In the Heart of the Linden Wood

Ekta R. Garg (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

King Christopher has not been brought up by his evil father, King Vincent, to be a confident leader. But he has the wood with trees that have magical properties — one of the best things he inherited from the king. Christopher doesn't have what it takes to lead the Kingdom of Linden, and while many don't believe in him, he has kept going, thanks to Queen Lily's trust in him. So, when the Queen and their only child suddenly die, Christopher's life is upended. Drowning in his grief, he learns that the magical trees are dying, too. Christopher meet...

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