Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Blood of The Hunted

Marc R. Micciola (Centaury Lilium Publishing)

| Reviewed by Michael Rothrock

The Torain people are second-class citizens in Kosavros. Nowhere are they more marginalized than in the kingdom of Fleuris. A resistance movement has been fighting for equality; the resistance is led by a Lycan named Weylyn. However, the ascension of the tyrannical General Rosspier only serves to make things worse for his people. In an effort to help the Torain, Weylyn travels to the kingdom of Tudrose seeking an alliance with the benevolent Queen Sophia. She agrees to aid the resistance if Weylyn is successful in establishing pockets of r...


Sean P. Curley (Wasteland Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Over by Sean P. Curley is a compelling novel with a prophetic message and a dystopian setting that hints at the divisiveness that is already noticeable in contemporary society. In the future, technology has grown with astonishing inventions. A privileged few, less than 30,000 of the world's population, are known as the Overs, those gifted with immortality. The rest, comprising billions of people, are known as the Unders—they are the poor, ordinary people who are lorded over by the Overs.  The Overs have control of everything — the economy,...

Misfit's Magic: The Last Halloween

Fred Gracely (Bisket Press, LLC)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

Set in the imaginary town of Spraksville, Misfit's Magic: The Last Halloween by Fred Gracely follows Goff, a young misfit who wants nothing but to be far away from his town. Before being transferred to Spraksville, he has been to many foster homes, had difficulty making friends, and been bullied far too much for his age. His dream has been to get a scholarship to Amworth Academy where he hopes to find a home. But when gargoyles start talking to him in a town that has a history of magic, his life is upturned in ways he never imagined. Thirteen g...


Marc R. Micciola (Centaury Lilium Publishing)

| Reviewed by Philip Zozzaro

The Black Light is an order of nefarious intent, where membership is lifelong. Otti, the unofficial leader of the order can seize possession of a man’s soul and get him to do her bidding. She is planning an assault on the monarchy and plans to utilize Iver to carry out her wishes. Einar is the son of Bryntyr, the king of Hestferd. Einar walks in the large shadows cast by his intimidating father. The murderous actions of the Black Light and their acolytes have Bryntyr and his allies on high alert. Bryntyr takes Einar to Svarstein (“Kingdom of Dw...

A World Without Men

Randall Moore (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Imagine a world where men are regarded as property and where it is forbidden to be with any man publicly. It has been 150 years since the incubation of men was forbidden in this dystopian society, yet some of the wealthy and the powerful people still own men while those of the lower caste incubate baby boys for sale. It is against this backdrop that Eleanora Duncan uncovers a secret that sets her on the path to a revolution that might just change the world as they know it and bring down the government. One of the men she has known in the lower...

The Unloved Boy

Sharique Zea (Sharique Zea)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

The Unloved Boy by Sharique Zea is a realistic tale that follows the journey of a young man as he seeks to fulfil his destiny and protect what he treasures most. Jason has never felt loved. Raised by step-parents, he becomes used to spending many hours dreaming about his future. When he finally gets the opportunity to live the life of his dreams — home, love, and happiness — evil threatens to destroy everything. Does he have enough fight in him to save the ones he deeply loves or will the need for self-preservation stop him?  The Unl...

Just City

Olga Tymofiyeva (KDP)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Just City by Olga Tymofiyeva is a winner for fans of science fiction that addresses social issues while featuring lovable characters on a mission. Twenty-one-year-old Nathan and his friend, Jack, desperately need money to fund their startup which would address the problem of missing shopping carts in supermarkets. Nathan's grandmother — a professor of Neuroscience and Experimental Philosophy — offers the perfect solution: pay the teens to test her new reality game called Just City. The game is designed to get people into others' shoes. Determin...

Obsidian Amulet - Rashwa book 2

Karen Bailey (Tellwell)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

The second book in the Rashwa series, Obsidian Amulet by Karen Bailey starts off where Obsidian Mine ends and follows Grace, Jennifer's sister on her journey towards self-discovery in the magical, hidden realm of Rashwa. Grace should be settled, having been given a home, and enjoying her new life under the protection of the King and her sister, but she is haunted by secrets of her past and the desire for revenge. Her sister is the new Queen of Rashwa, and the children are home and now free from the claws of her evil father. But her father has t...

Obsidian Mine - Rashwa Book 1

Karen Bailey (Tellwell)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

Obsidian Mine by Karen Bailey is the first book in the Rashwa series and it introduces readers to a world populated by vampires and were-creatures —a hidden realm from the ordinary world in which Jennifer lives with her crazy father, mother, and sister, Grace. Jennifer's father has locked seven children in a laboratory for his sinister experiments. Jennifer is determined to free the children. Her mother has sacrificed everything for her and her sister, and after losing her mother, Jennifer is determined to take responsibility for the seven chil...

Norinian Uprising

Joy Slaughter (Flashover Press)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

A fascinating blend of sea-faring adventure, intrigue, and romance, Norinian Uprising by Joy Slaughter offers a delightful reading experience to fans of fantasy, a spellbinding opening to The Turmoil of Gavony series. Brynna Dasveld is a Norinian accountant who joins the chancellor's administration and her career path seems to start off pretty well. When she discovers suspicious details in the inventory of the one person who dominates the shipping business, she is determined to get to the bottom of it. But Commodore Cadoc Andersyn is not an eas...

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