Young Adult - Mystery

Dead Cereus

Category:Young Adult - Mystery

Author:Kira Seamon

  • Publisher: Kira Seamon
  • Publication Date: January 18, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 270

Holly Jackson’s college scholarship is already in limbo and on top of that, she is at loggerheads with some of the most distinguished donors from the institution. Her only opportunity at redemption is now the Shellesby Scholarship that will allow her to attend the prestigious college. Holly is set to make an enthralling performance at the Night Lights Gala but portraying herself as the best choice is not the only thing she has to worry about. Her archrival is also there, and she doesn’t just have her eyes on the scholarship but also on Holly’s boyfriend, William. On top of that, there is a killer at the event. Holly has her sights on eventually winning an internship with a famous chocolatier, but things take a different turn. In an odd turn of events, she has to catch a killer, save her biggest rival, and wow the scholarship judges at the same time.

An epic romance, mystery, and fantasy all rolled up in one intriguing tale, Dead Cereus is riveting from the first page. It depicts a unique journey through life that involves competition, love, companionship, and crime strung into one. It contains humor, affection, and an uncanny exploration of natural plants. The character development is distinct and profound revolving around how life can put us in the most unexpected circumstances and how a young high school girl reacts to such unforeseen circumstances and pressure. Holly is well-imagined and intelligently executed to reflect her age and environment; her emotions and reactions —at times annoying —reflect her age, but her boldness in winning the day sets her apart as an unforgettable character. Fans of sleuth will love this story; the pacing is fast and the suspense is persistently enthralling. Dead Cereus is hugely entertaining with the fully drawn and quirky characters and the unpredictable plot points. A great winner for a debut author.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott

Reviewed Date: March 2, 2022

Category: Young Adult - Mystery

Young Adult