Illness to Wellness: A Revolutionary 11-Step Program to Conquer Disease, Create Everyday Miracles, and Reconnect to Your Highest Self

Category: Self- Help
Author: Dr. Jon Repole
Publisher: Self
Publication Date: September 15, 2023
Number of Pages: 354
ISBN-13: 979-8887594538

Dr. Jon Repole's book is a superb examination of wellness, and the book comes across as written by one of the top experts on holistic healing. The book explores the diseases that affect the psycho-emotional-spiritual wellbeing of contemporary readers and establishes a link between habits and illness. The link between the past and the present is brilliantly explored and it lies at the core of most of the problems affecting contemporary men and women. The author shows that most of the mental, emotional, and physical illnesses can be cured, and it introduces readers to a new paradigm which is called the I-llness to We-llness. In this book, readers will learn to create their own vision for health, understand emotional intelligence and how reactions and emotions affect their health, conquer fear and the negative effects it has on their overall health, learn how to create daily miracles, use food properly to boost health, and engage on a manifestation practice that will transform their lives. And then, there is more, much more!

Illness to Wellness: A Revolutionary 11-Step Program to Conquer Disease, Create Everyday Miracles, and Reconnect to Your Highest Self by Dr. Jon Repole is filled with wisdom and one of the first things that instantly captured my attention was the author's interpretation of how the past continues to hold people hostage, crippling them both psychologically and emotionally. The author explains why setting oneself free from the past is absolutely important. Dr. Jon Repole has a revolutionary message for readers, one that is delivered in clear and beautiful writing, seasoned with thought-provoking insights about life, health, vision, and a perspective that engulfs the overall health of the human person. At the heart of this book is the message that readers can design — in alignment with their highest values, dreams, and goals — the kind of life they want. Repole identifies the perennial problems that affect the wellbeing of contemporary men and women — being enslaved by the past. The past, he writes “exists only in the present moment as recollections of thoughts, memories, and beliefs.” The book teaches readers that they can change the past, as the root cause of any illness is linked to the past. What is amazing is that he shows readers how to do that. Illness to Wellness will transform your life. It's a gift for everyone, beautifully written and delivered in a voice that engages and holds readers spellbound.

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: October 4, 2023