Ridiculously Hopeful

Category: Spirituality & Inspiration
Author: Maleah Stephens
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication Date: January 17, 2023
Number of Pages: 232
ISBN-10: 9781664272361
Ridiculously Hopeful by Maleah Stephens is an inspirational book that instantly challenged the way I have felt about faith and hope, and as the subtitle states, it is a story of bold faith and hope during a crisis. Maleah and her husband Scott are excited about having a new baby. But their joy is short-lived when the doctor tells them that their unborn son has a congenital heart defect and that he won't survive without medical intervention. This book chronicles the couple's journey toward hope and finding answers.  But can they find a donor for Townes and what lies ahead, at the end of the dark tunnel? Answers will surprise readers as they embark on this journey of personal growth and transformation, a journey of growth in love, faith, and hope.

This book is a powerful testament that faith and hope are rewarded, and at times beyond measure. Maleah's journey shows that when we trust in God and open our hearts to the goodness around us, we eventually discover far more than what we expected. Hope in the midst of a harrowing crisis isn't easy. Using the allegory of a fork in the road, Maleah and her husband must choose the path less traveled — the path of hope and faith. She captures the experience in the following insightful words:  ''The other choice appears, at least at first, as if you will avoid the truth of your situation. Others may see you as an Ostrich, someone with their head in the sand, hiding, as if to not accept the news given to you. The road less traveled.'' Maleah Stephens writes in prose that is beautiful and allows how wonderful sense of gratitude to flow through the pages, showing readers how God has always been through every step of the journey while providing insights and actionable steps to build hope.

This book is a gift of love and faith, one of those few books to share with loved ones. Its message is hopeful and uplifting and readers will immediately feel drawn to the author's humanity and her extraordinary ability to communicate hope in terms that are simple and clear. I raced through this book, taking note of the enlivening passages while feeling encouraged to look into the future with expectation. Ridiculously Hopeful is a spellbinding memoir with a timely message for contemporary readers who live in a world that brims with tragedy.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott


Date: April 26, 2023