Everybody Needs Some Cave Time: Meeting God in Dark Places

Category: Non-Fiction - Inspirational
Author: Jorge Acevedo
Publisher: Invite Press
Publication Date: February 1, 2003
Number of Pages: 158
ISBN-10: 1953495516
ISBN-13: 1953495516

Everybody Needs Some Cave Time: Meeting God in Dark Places is a wonderful inspirational, spiritual essay that explains the biblical metaphor of the cave, showing readers how God meets and transforms them in the darkest places of their lives. The author explains that “As you read the Bible, caves seem to be a place where biblical characters find themselves in some of the most trying as well as exhilarating circumstances.” By design, this book takes readers on a journey into the seven caves — examining David’s fear, Elijah’s depression, Samson’s anger, Jesus’ temptation, the grief of Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene’s hopelessness, and ultimately, the cave of Jesus’ resurrection.

The cave acquires a symbolic character in this book and so it should be in our spiritual journey. The author explains how God's grace and Divinity encounter the brokenness of our humanity in surprising moments. It is a book with a powerful message of hope, a reassurance that God, in His inscrutable way, calls and embraces us in those spaces in our heart where we feel the most vulnerable and abandoned. With wisdom and insight, the author shows readers how to open their hearts to God and allow their anger, grief, depression, temptation, and other pains to be transformed into well-springs of living water. In Everybody Needs Some Cave Time: Meeting God in Dark Places, Jorge Acevedo invites readers to come to God as they are — uncertain, broken, weak, but trusting. Jorge Acevedo weaves personal stories into the book, giving it life and making the message as resonant as it can be. This book is a rare gift of faith that should be shared widely. There were strong moments of epiphany for me as I read this book, emotionally engaging moments where I felt God spoke to me. It is intelligently written and loaded with Biblical wisdom.


Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: June 30, 2023