Category: Art, Architecture and Photography
Author: Edited by Eleanor Gustafson, Contributions by David Ebony, Gail C. Andrews, Dan R. Talley, Alan Bruton, Laura C. Lieberman, Jon Coffelt, Daniel White, Dana-Marie Lemmer, Alice Meriwether Bowsher, and Steffany Martz
Publisher: Great Jones Street Press
Publication Date: November 10, 2020
Number of Pages: 216
ISBN-13: 978-1-7356559-0-1

Sara Garden Armstrong: Threads and Layers presents the work of the artist in her multiple forms of expression, from paintings and drawings to stunning photography, Work that is filled with rich visuals and artistry texture is presented in this collection, and through this presentation, readers get a deeper appreciation of both the artist and her work and the connections between her different forms of art. The book features not only Sara's work but essays from pros in the field, commentaries that help readers connect with the soul of the artist, and images that are impregnated with artistic symbolism.

This book establishes the authority of Sara Armstrong as a gifted artist, a visionary imbued with effusive imagination. Dan R. Talley explores the interdisciplinary presence in the art of Sara Garden Armstrong; Alan Bruton lets Sara speak in ''A Conversation with Sara Garden Armstrong;'' Daniel White discusses the artist's process in ''Persistent Uncertainty,'' and other writers delve into the different aspects of Sara's art. Readers will appreciate the delightful collection of works on paper (1983 - 1993) and mixed media (1995 – 2020). Sara's work doesn't leave an easy and quick interpretation; it is work that has deeper layers and readers are invited to pause and ponder on them as they uncover thread after thread of the realities the artist portrays in her work. It is irresistibly inviting, stunningly imaginative, and a work of pure beauty. The essays in this collection are powerful, filled with insights about art and informative commentaries on Sara’s work. There are such works that leave viewers and readers speechless and utterly absorbed, and Sara’s is one of such works. It defies commentary, merely transporting readers and viewers into the conceptualized world depicted in the art.  

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: October 7, 2022