Finding Faith, Hope, and Love in a Broken World

Category: Christian Inspirational
Author: Yvonne M Morgan
Publisher: Well Made Publishing
Publication Date: January 12, 2021
Number of Pages: 185
ISBN-13: 979-8561133244

Finding Faith, Hope, and Love in a Broken World by Yvonne M. Morgan is a book that is as inspirational as it is timely, a roadmap to rediscovering our place in Christ in these troubled and depressing times. This book redefines the concept of sin and underlines how it estranges us from God, plunging us into a life that isn’t authentic and that is filled with misery. The absence of hope in today’s world is eloquent and this author invites readers to reconnect with the hope that Jesus offers by embracing their faith, nurturing it, and sharing it with love. In a nutshell, Yvonne M. Morgan reflects on the three principal virtues that St. Paul talks about: faith, hope, and love, and she shows readers how to live these virtues in a way that will transform their lives and make them the salt and light of the dying Earth. 

The book is sprinkled with Biblical references, and they are apt, communicated in a style that is arresting and compelling. The reflections are followed by exercises, a workbook that makes the reading experience an interactive and engaging one. The guided journal is another tool that accompanies each chapter, following pertinent questions that prompt readers to think about the character of temptation, the place of faith in their life, the power of hope, and the transforming character of love. Yvonne M. Morgan writes beautifully and weaves personal as well as biblical stories into the book, allowing readers a clear understanding of what it means to follow Christ in this day and time. The writing is filled with insights and nuggets of spiritual wisdom that will stir human hearts and consciences. Finding Faith, Hope, and Love in a Broken World is a great gift of faith, one that should be received with gratitude, treasured, and passed on. The compassionate voice and the author’s ability to ask the right questions provide a tool and a place where personal transformation can take place and where faith can be genuinely nurtured. This book should be read in families, shared in Bible study groups, and offered to loved ones as a gift. 

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: October 23, 2021