The Mistakes Managers Make And How Much It Costs Them

Category: Business and Investing
Author: J.D. Strazz
Publisher: Olympia Publishing (London)
Publication Date: September 27, 2023
Number of Pages: 127
ISBN-10: 978-1-80439-592-9
ASIN: 9 78-1-80439-592-9

The Mistakes Managers Make and How Much It Costs Them by J.D. Strazz is a thought-provoking meld of autobiography and business that provides valuable lessons for leaders and start-ups. Through a series of short stories, the author exposes his personal struggles, successes, and the crucial insights he gained throughout his career. J.D. Strazz has the extraordinary ability to pull readers in through stellar storytelling, drawing lessons from his life and experiences. Starting from his days playing in the Varsity in high school, through his working years, to his experience in leadership roles. One of the book's key themes is the importance of building business ethics and taking care of employees. Strazz emphasizes the significance of understanding people's needs and forging a mutually beneficial relationship where neither party takes advantage of the other. This refreshing approach challenges the traditional adversarial mindset many managers hold and aims to inspire a shift towards a more collaborative and supportive management style. 

The author's ability to weave his own story into the book adds a personal touch that tugs at readers' emotions. By revealing his vulnerabilities, including a rare addiction, Strazz creates a space for empathy and connection. This transparency makes the book relatable and enhances its impact, as readers can draw valuable lessons from his experiences. There are moments one feels as though they were reading a novel but one never fails grasp the powerful lessons littered throughout the book. Strazz comes across as an expert in the field, having started a successful business, he brings to readers firs-hand lessons from running a business and building relationships that create a healthy, competitive, and empowering business culture. Throughout the book, Strazz emphasizes the power of building loyalty through trust and fostering a sense of community. His management system will help employees understand why they are paid, what they are paid, and how to earn more, a testament to his focus on transparency and fairness.  The author underlines why it is important to adapt and strive for excellence. “The Market Place Determines Worth - not you or me; if we get out of line with our finest Competitors, it is only a matter of time before 'the Market place' discovers that, and we start to go out of business again.” The Mistakes Managers Make and How Much It Costs Them is a powerful resource for aspiring and seasoned leaders, one that provides essential tools to make a difference in leading teams and organizations to success. 

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: October 30, 2023