The Vitality System

Category: Non-Fiction - Health & Fitness
Author: Kyle Gonzalez
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: January 12, 2023
Number of Pages: 282
ISBN-13: 979-8372887848

The Vitality System by Kyle Gonzalez provides tools to unlock the winning system that will enable readers to experience optimal levels of health and wellness. The post-pandemic is a period that still witnesses ripples of the stress and health challenges from which humanity is emerging. This book explains how we have gradually ignored the key components of our health while providing the motivation readers need to take their health seriously and a comprehensive system to help them reframe their toxic cultural programming and experience the freedom of enriching their lives by developing healthy habits and embracing a system that is designed to build vitality. 

This book is penetrating, fresh, stunning, and utterly enriching. Kyle Gonzalez offers information that is timely and that will help readers understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and actually set out to embrace it. This book might be the most thoughtful book on wellness and health that readers will read. It is practical, littered with wonderfully crafted and insightful passages and tools that drive creativity and inspiration when it comes to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. It is intelligently written and the evidence-based nuggets will stir the hearts of readers. Millions of people are experiencing health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and mental illness, and as a practitioner, this author provides tools and methods to destroy health barriers and enhance creativity in choosing behaviors that build wellness. You will read this book and share it. It is so good it compels you to want to be better, to feel better, and to live better. This is a book that gives all you need to not only be healthy but to experience health and wellness at different levels of life. The Vitality System is one of the books I needed this time. 

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes


Date: June 13, 2023