The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea

Category: Non-Fiction - Women
Author: L C Tang
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: October 15, 2020
Number of Pages: 234
ISBN-10: 163221427X
ISBN-13: 978-1632214270
Just as she was turning thirty, the author felt an exhilarating sense of freedom — student loans paid off and toxic relationships put behind her — but her mundane life didn't spell freedom. So she wanted to do something unique to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. It was then that she decided on an adventure that was to give her wonderful memories. In The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea, L. C. Tang documents the protagonist’s journeys at sea, spanning over a decade, first as a passenger on different cruise lines, then as a crew member. In this thrilling tale, the author takes readers on a rollicking ride to numerous ports and countries, exciting encounters with people from different backgrounds and walks of life, and the sheer delights of sea travels. Inspired by the author’s own travels and real-life experiences, this novel reads like the perfect blend of a travel memoir and thriller, with strong hints of romance. Readers encounter a fully drawn character who decides to do one thing to bring excitement to her life and is irrevocably pulled into sea travel. L.C. Tang lifts the veil to reveal what the sea crew experience —the challenges, the fulfilling moments of serving passengers, the adventures that include romance, and a lot more. The prose is gorgeous and the dialogues are well-crafted to reflect real-life situations. The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea is a novel for travel fans and a tale that will inspire readers to break away from the doldrums of daily life to do something different, unique, and adventurous. The author’s sense of setting is strong and she fills the writing with delectable sights, providing glimpses of different cultures while allowing the humanity of the characters to shine through the already dazzling writing. From the hypnotic first-person narrative voice that greets the readers from the opening page, readers find themselves in the deft hands of a narrator who knows how to sustain attention once it is grabbed.

Reviewed By: Bertin Drizller


Date: June 17, 2022