Rebranding The Church

Category: Spirituality & Inspiration
Author: Peder Tellefsdal
Publication Date: May 6, 2024
Number of Pages: 286
ISBN-13: 979-8893160918

Peder Tellefsdal’s Rebranding the Church addresses the urgent need for the Christian church to reconnect with contemporary society. The book, anchored in Tellefsdal’s expertise as a communication consultant and his personal faith journey, provides a compelling blueprint for revitalizing the church’s message and relevance in the modern world. Tellefsdal’s thesis is that the church's communication failures have led to its current disconnect with contemporary audiences. He identifies two primary pitfalls: either diluting the Gospel to appear relevant or becoming excessively dogmatic and disconnected from mainstream culture. He argues that Both extremes obscure Christianity’s foundational message of grace—a message crucial for spiritual transformation.

The book is divided into three sections. The first, ''How Did We Get Here?'' examines church communication's history and current state. Tellefsdal presents a candid analysis, supported by interviews with figures like Rune Edvardsen and Charlotte Rørth, emphasizing the church's drift from its core narrative. His critique is rooted in data, revealing how modern church discourse often prioritizes social issues over fundamental Christian teachings, thus losing focus and clarity. In the second section, ''How the Church Can Communicate Better,'' Tellefsdal offers practical advice. He advocates for clarity, simplicity, and relevance in messaging, urging church leaders to adopt best practices in communication. He draws from diverse sources, including Stephen Covey’s principle of understanding before being understood and Brian Miller’s analogy of ensuring audience engagement from the start. The inclusion of interviews with communication experts like Donald Miller and Egil Svartdahl enriches this section, providing actionable insights into effective storytelling and audience engagement. The final section, ''Where Do We Go from Here?'' explores the path forward. Here, Tellefsdal emphasizes the importance of reclaiming the language of morality and leveraging Christianity’s unique value proposition—grace. He provides strategies for building a compelling personal and organizational brand, illustrated by practical examples and success stories. For instance, the interview with Michelle Onuorah highlights the role of media and branding in reshaping public perception.

One of the book’s most significant strengths is its blend of theoretical insights and practical applications. Tellefsdal’s background in political consulting and media analysis shines through in his systematic approach to diagnosing the church’s problems and prescribing solutions. His anecdotes and reflections provide a deeper layer of authenticity and relatability, making the book a manual for church leaders and a narrative of personal redemption and rediscovery of faith. Rebranding The Church is a timely and essential read for anyone invested in the future of Christianity. Tellefsdal's approach is neither overly critical nor blindly optimistic; instead, it is a balanced, insightful examination of how the church can reclaim its voice and relevance in a rapidly changing world. By focusing on the timeless message of grace and employing effective communication strategies, Tellefsdal offers a hopeful vision for the church’s future—one where it can once again become a cornerstone of community and faith.


Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: May 21, 2024