UPLIFTED: 12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Peace, Kindness & Vitality

Category: Non-Fiction - Health & Fitness
Author: Susan Smith Jones, PhD
Publisher: Books to Uplift Publishers
Publication Date: March 30, 2022
Number of Pages: 300
ISBN-10: 978-0-9991492-8-7

UPLIFTED: 12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Peace, Kindness & Vitality by Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D. begins with a disturbing truth, one that will resonate with almost every contemporary reader: ''Stress is a major problem in modern life. Technological advances have increased the pressure to keep busy, even during leisure hours. We talk on the telephone and text while we drive, watch television while we read, and conduct business while we listen to the radio.'' This book offers tools to navigate life, connect more deeply with self and with one's purpose, and experience the fullness of life and the joy of living while building faith in self. This book will bring surprising answers to readers who feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually off-kilter, who have lost the joy of living, and who are overburdened by stress. The author provides 12-minute actions that will help readers live a luminous, munificent life, glowing with self-esteem and verve and radiating strength.

In this book, you'll find affirmations that help you refocus your gaze on what really matters, meditations that help you to plunge deeper into the deep recesses of your heart to unlock the wellsprings of joy waiting to burst forth. In a tone that is clear and a voice that brims with compassion, Susan Smith Jones guides readers to find balance in life, to find space for kindness in the busyness of contemporary life, to walk the path of compassion and courage, and to build confidence while embracing self-discipline. The author shows readers how to embrace positive light and allow it to transform them, uncovering the power of mindfulness and building meaningful relationships. The message in this book is bold, timely, and resonant. UPLIFTED: 12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Peace, Kindness & Vitality is a book that will help you become better, 12 minutes every day. It is a gift of love that should be read and passed on.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott


Date: December 27, 2022