Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health

Category: Non-Fiction - Women
Author: Susan Salenger
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication Date: April 12, 2022
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN-10: 1647424011
ISBN-13: 978-1647424015

Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health by Susan Salenger is a book I read and immediately asked my wife to read because it is so beautifully written, so well-researched, and so resonant it contains wisdom that will address an aspect of life for just about any woman. The essence of this book is succinctly captured in the sub-title — how women manage and mismanage their health. Readers will understand why women easily make the wrong choices when it comes to healthcare decisions and the social context in which such choices are made, understand that playing nice at times or putting others first can be the wrong path on most occasions, uncover habits and thoughts that are set to drive poorer health for women. This empowering book teaches women a unique skill — the ability to take care of themselves properly so they can stay strong by their families.

Salenger isn't just a researcher; she is a gifted writer with the extraordinary gift of communicating directly and powerfully to the heart of readers. The writing is littered with real-life examples, cogent observations about failures in the healthcare system, and a unique understanding of the psyche of women. The author addresses the challenges that women face when it comes to handling the health of their families and shows how they get hurt in the process. Most importantly, Salenger provides professional advice, compelling insights, and a path that women can use to take full control of their health while making the best choices for their loved ones. She writes in a voice that is compassionate, and authoritative, yet irresistible, and in prose that is simply gorgeous. Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health is the best gift anyone can give a woman. 

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: November 22, 2022