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cathas and the squirrel incident

Category:Children - Animals

Author:Tessa Bremner

  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: October 22, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 35
  • ISBN-13: 978 1447792505

Eric and Fenna Peace are a couple who lives in the village of Much Wallop. Mr. Peace is a retired banker who spends his time at home — reading, enjoying his wife, or walking the dogs.  Fenna Peace has always loved to have a cat. Her desire to have a cat becomes unbearable when she leaves that their neighbor has just adopted a lovely little kitten. She persuades her husband to let her have a kitten, and so they make the journey to Mr. Butler who sells them a kitten wrapped in a ''tatty piece of blanket and put in a cardboard box.'' When Cathas, the kitten, bags a squirrel, everyone becomes exhilarated. Follow Mr. and Mrs. Peace and their lovely pets — Tom, Lizzy, Phoebe, George, and their eccentricities.

Cathas and the Squirrel Incident by Tessa Bremner is a book for canine and feline lovers. The portrait of the couple is beautiful. Readers encounter two adults who spend time with their dogs. While one is fascinated about getting a kitten, the other is scared of cats — and experience vindicates his fear. The use of anthropomorphism is clever and it allows readers to connect with the pets. The author makes them speak, like in some anime movies, and it is fun to listen to what these characters say and what they think about themselves. Bremner's colorfully illustrated book offers an escape to readers who love pets. It is a quick read and the characters are well-written — both humans and animals. A delightful adventure and a thoughtful story that depicts a life shared with pets. 

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo

Reviewed Date: February 22, 2023

Category: Children - Animals

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