LIAM: The Boy Who Saw the World Upside Down

Category: Children-Educational
Author: R. Janet Walraven M.Ed.
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 3, 2023
Number of Pages: 137
ISBN-13: 979-8375958156

LIAM: The Boy Who Saw the World Upside Down by R. Janet Walraven M.Ed. will draw tears into the eyes of readers as they watch the unfolding journey of Liam, a mentally retarded pupil, and a teacher who refuses to give up on him. When readers encounter Liam, he is bullied, name-called, and treated like a loser and crybaby. Liam's life feels like hell in elementary, but his teacher steps in not only to protect him but also to help him understand that he is every bit as important as everyone else and to allow his potential to shine. Follow Ms. J and Liam on a journey that is filled with lessons for teachers, parents, and anyone dealing with special children.

R. Janet Walraven has written a book that entertains and imparts powerful lessons on dealing with special children, exploring themes of bullying, education, tolerance, patience, and working together with people, especially children who are different. This book is particularly captivating because it is a true story and I couldn't help but wonder at the author's incredible talent and ability to quickly notice problems that could damage the life of a young man. The world of children in elementary is brilliantly and colorfully portrayed in this engaging narrative. The characters are real and they are the same most of us have met in the classroom, at the gym, and in the playground. LIAM: The Boy Who Saw the World Upside Down is a book with a message the entire world needs to hear — no one is without their fair share of gifts and humanity. It takes a courageous and patient heart to see the beauty in the less endowed, the most understood, and the mentally challenged, and this book shows readers how to do just that. This novel is a gift for educators, parents, and everyone who wants to create a space where others can evolve into their better selves. LIAM: The Boy Who Saw the World Upside Down offers a winning pedagogy for educating and integrating children with special needs.

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: September 9, 2023

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