My Dad's Pumpkin

Category: Children - Grade K-3rd
Author: Susannah Nilsen
Publisher: Floribunda Publishing
Publication Date: June 30, 2022
Number of Pages: 32
ISBN-10: 0645401064
ISBN-13: 978-0645401066

In My Dad's Pumpkin by Susannah Nilsen, a young boy tells readers about his dad, an autistic who is very intelligent and whose creative genius enables him to bring his thoughts to reality. His dream is to grow the largest pumpkin in the world. The protagonist is a recluse, a father and husband, a builder, inventor, and scientist who loves to spend time alone in his workshop. While the young boy’s mom loves all the things his father does, she is appalled when he gives legs to the biggest pumpkin and makes it move, chasing his older sister. A man who hardly shows emotions one day reveals his biggest secret — the extraordinary pumpkin seeds that would grow the largest pumpkin in the world. Follow the adventure in the book to find out what it feels like to make a dream come true and what it is like to be different.  

In this colorfully illustrated tale, the author teaches readers that our condition does not define us. While the father of the young narrator suffers from autism, he is intellectually rich, a gifted scientist, inventor, and gardener who surprises his wife, son, and daughter with his fascinating inventions. The narrative is filled with adventure and illustrations that will delight children. I loved the color blends, the characters, and most of all, the young narrator who gets readers excited about his father and the things he accomplishes. My Dad's Pumpkin is a highly recommended read for children, a book that teaches them to look beyond appearances in order to appreciate the worth of fellow humans. Deeply moving and entertaining, one of those books to spark educational conversations with children about human values.

Reviewed By: Jane Riley


Date: October 1, 2022

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