Falling On The Sword

Category: Romance - General
Author: Bryan Havel
Publisher: Bryan Havel
Publication Date: March 10, 2022
Number of Pages: 328
ISBN-13: 978-1-7372026-3-9

Jack and Jill have known each other since preschool. The bond between them is so strong and Jack is confident that Jill will remain by his side until all that changes when Jill starts dating Tanner in the last year of high school. Jack and Tanner decide to play against each other in a football game in order for Jill to choose the better of the two. Which of the two will be able to win Jill’s affection?

Falling on the Sword (Jack and Jill) by Bryan M Havel opens with an enticing description of North Bay Preschool and introduces readers to the characters. The author provides fascinating details about life in pre-school, creating imagery that is transporting and that will remind some readers of what it felt like being in school at three. Havel's phraseology is complex, and the author doesn't have that economy of words that some readers might be looking for; nevertheless, the detailed writing has merits of its own and there is a beauty in expression that caught my attention. The beauty of this tale lies in the author's deft handling of conflict, exploring the hearts of three characters caught up in a love triangle. NFL fans will enjoy the well-crafted football scenes. This is a suspenseful tale that will keep readers turning the pages as they want to know which of the boys will win Jill's heart ultimately. The characters in Falling on the Sword (Jack and Jill) are vividly drawn, the plot is cleverly written, and themes of love, friendship, family, and sports are central in this delightful story.


Reviewed By: Kim Calderon


Date: August 20, 2022

Young Adult