Awakened by a Billionaire


Author:J. J. Sorel

  • Publisher: J. J. Sorel
  • Publication Date: August 3, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 365

A contemporary romance caper with strong family dynamics, Awakened by a Billionaire by J. J. Sorel instantly grips the attention of readers, thanks to the extraordinary storytelling skills and the sophisticated characters. Declan Lovechilde, billionaire and ex-SAS soldier, saves a girl from attackers. The girl wears nothing but a corset and is physically weak. When Declan wakes up the next morning, Theadora is gone. A few months later, he is surprised to see her at his family estate. She is their new maid and while he remembers her so well, Theadora doesn't remember who Declan is. She is hesitant and wary of men while having to put up with an older man who is hell-bent on having her and the domineering character of Declan's mother. She will have to overcome her fear of men and begin to trust Declan, not only as a hero who stands for her but as a lover. But keeping the flame of their love alive is not as easy as it seems as there are people who will do everything to destroy what they have.

Sorel's new book is a surprisingly elegant tale that will delight fans of sizzling romance. The writing is wonderful and filled with terrific descriptions. Right from the opening pages, the author gives readers a strong sense of place and feeling. For instance, Theadora finds herself in front of a ''sleazy-looking man'' whose gaze makes her want to squeeze into a tight ball. Images of the stale smoke that clings to the air, and the walls with pictures of racing cars, boxers, and beautiful women fit what readers expect to find in a setting where sex trafficking and drug peddling take place. The atmospheric writing captures the emotions of the characters in vivid detail. Here is a perfect example of a terrific description: “His cologne rushed through me like a divine drug. The scent triggered all kinds of emotions. Like those intoxicating smells that flush us with comforting nostalgia. Only it was generally mowed grass or roses: nature’s smells, not a tall, sexy billionaire’s cologne.” Awakened by a Billionaire is a compulsively readable novel with vividly drawn characters and strong family dynamics. Characterization is top-notch and readers will want to follow the transformation in Theadora with singular interest, as she slowly overcomes her fear to become a trusting woman. The shifting first-person narrative voice allows readers to get the point of view of each character in an intimate manner. Overall, this is a page-turner that will leave readers looking forward to the next book in the series. 

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes

Reviewed Date: October 30, 2022

Category: Romance