Flickering Heart

Category: Romance
Author: Tricia T. LaRochelle
Publisher: Flaming Heart Press
Publication Date: June 21, 2022
Number of Pages: 370
ISBN-13: 979-8986175614

Intricately plotted and emotionally rich, Flickering Heart by Tricia T. LaRochelle follows eighteen-year-old Sara Browne, a sole survivor of an accident who has spent the last six years held hostage by PTSD, a condition that separated her from people around her. When she decides to embrace change, she is looking forward to making friends and having some adventure — even dating someone. All of that comes in one bundle — the six-foot-three, beguilingly handsome Scott Williams. The only problem is that William has had a score of ex-girlfriends and many of them are jealous. The bigger problem is that someone is out to destroy Sara and the signs are disturbing, from vandalizing her car to tampering with her laptop, and now threatening letters. Does she have enough fight in her to face the unnamed enemy and set her life back to normal?

This novel begins with a compelling premise: a young girl who has lost her parents and who struggles with PTSD is an intriguing one and the author uses it to build a solid ground on which the female heroine evolves. The novel has strong psychological underpinnings. When readers encounter Sara, she is broken: ''my soul was withering on the vine.'' The first-narrative voice reflects her perspective in a compelling manner and it grabs the attention of readers instantly. Tricia T. LaRochelle creates a winning protagonist in Sara, making her strong yet vulnerable. Her insecurities when it comes to Scott are natural, given her background. But her resilience shines through the story, filled with insightful moments to reflect on. This book is a great read for any romance enthusiast and readers looking for stories brimming with realism and featuring rock-solid characters. There is quirkiness in the narrator’s voice that makes it hard for anyone to put this book aside. Flickering Heart delivers enough twists to keep the suspense high, offering readers the perfect escape and the best drama. 

Reviewed By: Christian Fernandez


Date: October 1, 2022