When Stars Align


Author:E.K. McCoy

  • Publisher: Atmosphere Press
  • Publication Date: October 4, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 354
  • ISBN-13: 9781639885084

In When Stars Align by E.K. McCoy, Dr. Augustus Owens, a man who has loved and lost, moves back to Cincinnati to work as a trauma specialist. He regrets being in a town where it seems like nobody knows how to drive, especially when it rains. When a woman whose life hangs on a very thin thread is brought to the ER, Owens must give everything to save her life, and as he works to help this woman, he discovers a peculiar mark on the left side of her neck. Elsie McCormick is the woman. Elsie has been the only love of his life. Having lost her once, will he lose her this time to death?

This is a wonderful novel with a compelling premise and a well-crafted conflict, a story about a second chance at love in a trying context. The author provides surprises that readers couldn't foresee. On the surface, the readers expect to follow an ER specialist dealing with the challenging routine of his work. But everything changes when a patient in a critical condition turns out to be the one he has loved and lost. The first-person narrative voice delivers the point of view with unmistakable clarity and the narrative is enhanced by the competent use of the streams of consciousness. Fate seems to be the central theme in this unusual love story and readers keep on turning the pages, caught in the suspenseful narration, wondering if things can go well for Elsie and Augustus. When Stars Align is a delightful romance with a deftly accomplished plot, unforgettable characters, and superior storytelling.    

Reviewed By: Bertin Drizller

Reviewed Date: October 25, 2022

Category: Romance