A Husband Out of this World: Lab Soreno

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Deovandski Skibinski JR
Publisher: Bookbaby
Publication Date: August 14, 2023
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN-13: 9798350909838

A Husband out of this World is the second book in the Lab Soreno series by Deovandski Skibinski JR and it opens with the protagonist caught between dream and waking. Maiara has just defeated Harry in the Gandew duel and, while struggling to figure out what actually happened, Harry is painfully waking to the crude reality of being in another world. The murkiness in his memories is disturbing and eventually, different characters begin to surface in his life, starting with Sora, the woman that Harry loves passionately and whose gentle hands on his back leaves him with a soothing, tantalizing feeling. However, a contract he signed might condemn him to a life of a slave. Can he trust the people around him, and how much time does he have to figure out everything because it is too late?

Skibinski's novel sucks the reader immediately into a dreamlike-world. The narrative brims with magical realism and the characters are complex — from the gentle and alluring Sora, to the enigmatic and sarcastic Eiri. The writing features engaging dialogues and the author uses streams of consciousness extensively, allowing readers powerful glimpses of the inner worlds of the characters. The writing is hugely descriptive, and while the author uses adverbial phrases profusely, the narrative does not fail to capture the mood of the characters and the action. Some of the descriptions are terrific like when Harry believes to have caught an image of Sora in a daze: “That was until he suddenly gasped, waking up back in the bathtub, sitting forward while Sora was still carefully brushing his upper back in the same spot.” A Husband out of this World has an irresistible appeal to young readers; it is a well-plotted story that is rich in its exploration of the protagonist's struggle to understand his new reality.

Reviewed By: Franklin Bauer


Date: September 17, 2023

Young Adult