Two Dead Billionaires


Author:Luke Sheldon

  • Publisher: Luke Sheldon
  • Publication Date: June 11, 2024
  • Number of Pages: 373
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-9899816-1-8

Two Dead Billionaires by Luke Sheldon plunges readers into the heart of a complex murder mystery set against the backdrop of Iceland's serene landscapes and the opulent confines of the Azure Spa and Hotel. Detective Hekla Rafney Fritzdóttir finds herself thrust into the investigation of a lifetime when American billionaire Jack Drumman is gruesomely murdered at the luxurious hotel. It is a spellbinding premise that arrests the attention of readers, and as they follow through, a web of conspiracy and danger threatens to consume her and those around her; the tension builds rapidly. From the chaotic crime scene at the hotel's hot spring, where the victim's throat is slit, and a bizarre offering of cash is found, to the isolated and eerie atmosphere of the old lighthouse keeper's house, where armed intruders disrupt the investigation, each scene is meticulously crafted to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Luke Sheldon is an extraordinary storyteller who has perfected the art of thrilling readers and keeping them utterly engaged through exquisite prose, short chapters that end with something intriguing to push readers to the next page, and timely paragraph breaks that heighten the tension. The characters are sophisticated, believable, and authentic. The dynamic between Hekla and the prime suspect's ex-boyfriend, a former FBI whistleblower with a troubled past, is intriguing. As they explore their mutual suspicion and dark histories, they must tread a treacherous terrain both physically and emotionally to uncover the truth behind Jack Drumman's murder. The descriptions are terrific and help establish vital elements of the setting. The contrast between the hotel's lavish interior and the rugged beauty of Iceland's natural landscape is brilliantly captured in the story. Scenes like Hekla's confrontation with Elísa, a teenage girl caught in the crossfire of the investigation, are focused and woven with exciting details. Two Dead Billionaires is a riveting thriller and murder mystery that keeps readers guessing until the end. With gorgeous writing and relentless tension, Luke Sheldon delivers a literary creation that will delight fans of the genre.


Reviewed By: James Farlow

Reviewed Date: April 25, 2024


Thriller, Suspense & Mystery