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Category:Fiction - Anthology

Author:Richard Scharine

  • Publisher: Atmosphere Press
  • Publication Date: July 10, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 154
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-63988-884-9

Harvest by Richard Scharine is a gripping collection of short stories that offers a diverse array of narratives, each rich in depth, engaging prose, and deeply immersive settings. Scharine’s unique talent for encapsulating profound themes in concise, vivid scenes stands out in this memorable and emotionally resonant collection of stories. Set across different times and locations, from the picturesque Wisconsin farms to the vivid landscapes of Utah, the stories within Harvest capture the essence of growing up amid precarious, often unpredictable circumstances. Scharine brings forth a poignant exploration of diverse challenges and complex characters, each facing their own unique trials and experiences.

The author's masterful storytelling weaves together a series of thought-provoking tales. In these stories, Scharine delves into the human condition, showcasing the stark realities of survival and growth. Whether it's the rich exploration of a Mormon matron's introspection, the vivid yet uncertain future of a failing Triple-A baseball player, or the contemplation of fate set against the backdrop of a World War II internment camp, each story unfolds with tension and gripping suspense. Scharine's ability to intricately create fully drawn characters and captivating settings is truly enchanting. His prose guides readers through an immersive experience, offering an up-close look at the complex nature of growing up and the harsh realities faced in various contexts.

Harvest captures the essence of human existence and the complicated fabric of life's challenges, presenting them in evocative, beautifully crafted narratives. It's a collection that not only captivates the reader's attention but also offers poignant insights into the nuances of survival, growth, and the multi-layered experiences of life in America. This collection is a testament to Scharine's skill in portraying vivid, emotional landscapes in a succinct yet captivating manner.

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo

Reviewed Date: November 8, 2023

Category: Fiction - Anthology