Becoming Nora

Category: Fiction - Literary
Author: Margaret Farrell Kirby
Publisher: Proving Press
Publication Date: June 8, 2021
Number of Pages: 410
ISBN-10: 1633375269
ISBN-13: 978-1633375260

Becoming Nora by Margaret Farrell Kirby is a compelling narrative that follows Nora as she faces the part of her that has remained buried over the years. This nuanced and intelligently crafted tale presents Brad and Nora Stanton as they navigate the most crucial moment of their lives. Everything has been perfect for Nora — a seemingly happy marriage, a great career, and lovely kids. That is until her husband tells her that he is unhappy and needs time to sort things out. Nora is shocked. She is even stunned that her husband has already started therapy. Is it because of another woman? Left behind to take care of the kids, Nora begins to unravel her own life. She makes choices that will alter the course of her life in far many ways than she could have imagined. But having an affair and falling for someone she doesn't love just increases the stakes.

Kirby offers a dazzling picture of a family going through emotional challenges as the parents face divorce. The key character is Nora and the author does an impeccable job in portraying her reactions to situations and what prompts her to make choices that are devastating for her and her family. The writing is infused with humanity and realism. The characters, from Nora to Brad to the two kids are elaborately written. The story of this family feels so real that readers can easily picture them next door. This author writes with emotional and psychological depth, creating characters that are multilayered and compelling, delivering prose that is enjoyable and a world that feels familiar to readers. Overall, Becoming Nora is a winner for fans of fiction that deals with family and social issues.

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo


Date: May 12, 2023