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The last Dance: A Memoir of the Garden Island Grille

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Author:Dave Trentlage

  • Publisher: Book Baby
  • Publication Date: February 21, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 260
  • ISBN-13: 978-1667877877
  • ASIN: 1667877879

In this spellbinding memoir, Dave Trentlage takes readers on a rollicking journey to a dream. He spent most of his life grinding, doing a job he disliked. That was before he met Sherri, who ''was in the same boat, muddling through a job that was just that, a job.'' They were tired of working so hard to make ends meet. That was when they decided to start a restaurant. In this book, the author recounts their journey of how they nurtured ideas of a future built on what they loved to do. They wanted to be free from the daily struggle with a job they didn't like and that led to an unfulfilled life. This is the story of a dream and teamwork and how creative work can transform people, their relationships, and their inner worlds and how success in one's dream creates a path that others can use to walk into life. But as they worked towards their dream, Covid-19 struck, and the Hawaiian Islands closed. This signaled a difficult moment for a promising dream. When the going gets tough, how do Dave and Sherri handle it?

This is a hugely inspirational story that captures the power of a dream in its pages. It shows readers how strong dreams shape people as they seek ways to embrace its path. The Last Dance: A Memoir of the Garden Island Grille by Dave Trentlage tells a captivating story while offering manifold lessons about personal dreams, determination, commitment, teamwork, and success. The narrative brims with resonant themes, featuring a vivid historical setting, and outlining real relationships. Readers will root for Dave and Sherri as they navigate difficult times, moving steadily towards an uncertain future. It is also a tale of resilience and hard work, celebrating the human spirit. Dave Trentlage writes in clear prose and with honesty. He explores strong emotions and invites readers to witness their fears in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. He also explores the uncertainty about what the future holds, and the hope that keeps them finding new ways to move forward. This memoir is hugely entertaining and enlightening, a story that will motivate anyone determined to succeed in life and business.

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo

Reviewed Date: April 25, 2023

Category: Biographies and Memoirs

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