Syrup Sandwiches, Choose Not to Give Up!


Author:Anthony Owens

  • Publisher: Anchor Book Press
  • Publication Date: September 5, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 249
  • ISBN-10: 194910995X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1949109955

Syrup Sandwiches by Anthony Owens is a candid, heartfelt autobiography of Anthony's humble beginnings, from being on welfare and eating syrup sandwiches to serving twenty years in the United States Navy, providing humanitarian aid to foreign countries, and fighting in two wars. Anthony grew up in Brooklyn, raised by a single mother. He quickly realized that he didn't want his siblings, his mother, or himself to succumb to the devastating and often negative impact of the things he witnessed while growing up. '''The difficulties I had endured as a child had taught me resilience and the value of not giving up.'' So, he made up his mind to not grow up as a statistic. 

Readers will resonate with this book. Throughout the memoir, the author establishes the importance of family, resilience, and perseverance. The book encourages, motivates, and stimulates the minds of readers as they follow the author growing through different experiences. The writing is clear, the narrative voice arresting and spiced with humor. Owens writes emotions that are real and situations that are resonant and universal. The book is rich and full of insightful detail. It's one man's eye-opening account to succeed and change the trajectory of his life, breaking the vicious cycle he endured growing up. 

Syrup Sandwiches is a fascinating read! This awe-inspiring memoir displays the author's grit, vulnerability, and heart. This book is a testament to staying committed to one's dreams, welcoming new opportunities, and having the strength to create one's path in spite of the challenges. An authentic memoir that is guaranteed to keep the reader engaged and a story littered with wisdom. 


Reviewed By: Morgan Amos

Reviewed Date: February 13, 2023


Biography & Memoir