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Becoming by Michelle Obama
Review Date : October 3, 2019

Becoming by Michelle Obama lifts the veil and allows readers a clearer, more intimate, and deeper view of the woman she really is. The first African-American First Lady takes readers through the most significant moments of her life, from growing up on the South Side of Chicago through motherhood to the White House. This woman that has become one of the greatest icons for women and humanity shares her personal story with deep honesty and unswervingly, speaking about her pains and triumphs, her hopes and despairs, and the moments that shaped her into the influential person the world knows her to be.

The narrative is laced with a rare sense of wit and humor, her no-nonsense voice coming across the writing powerfully.  Becoming  is a powerful testament of a life well-lived, a story of a woman with strong and unshakable values. Her deep and unalloyed sense of humanity is brilliantly communicated in this narrative as well as powerful lessons on leadership. Michelle’s story will teach readers unforgettable lessons on what it takes to shape their destiny and to take full responsibility for their life.  In this narrative, Michelle demonstrates how grit and determination can lead to wisdom and success. 

I found the writing in Becoming  to be impeccable, utterly accessible, and delightful to the ears. While readers will follow the tale of a woman who became a powerful piece of their history, they will witness the fire that inhabits Michelle Obama, the drive that carries her steps into the future, and the source of the hope she’s always communicated, especially to women and to the American families. It is every bit as enjoyable as it can be, explosive, inspiring, and filled with the wisdom readers need to lead meaningful lives. Deeply human it becomes easy for any reader to feel echoes of their longing in Michelle Obama’s voice. 

Bertin Drizller
  • Pub Date : November 13, 2018
  • Page count : 720
  • ISBN : 0525633758
  • Publisher : Random House

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