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Why Am I So Happy by Paula Neva Vail
Review Date : April 23, 2020

From a Reiki Master, Why Am I So Happy? is a book that begins with the definition of the one thing that everyone craves for — happiness. Paula Neva Vail writes: “Our true essence is joy—something found inside each and every one of us. I suspect, a few of you doubt this … Well, it matters a great deal because your attitude is the core that creates your happiness. Fortunately, you control your attitude—no one else does.” It is from this powerful premise that the author moves on to illustrate, and with compelling examples, real life insights, and stories, that we are authors of the hidden wellspring of joy and happiness we rightfully deserve. This book provides the path to unlocking the secrets of happiness in our lives and shows readers how they can create happiness in their lives and make it a rippling wave.

Paula Neva Vail shares powerful insights on life, and tools that will help readers find deeper meaning in their human experience, transcend their reality, understand and take control of their emotional intelligence, and experience deeper levels of joy and happiness. In a tone that is both compelling and compassionate, the author engages readers in an intimate conversation, a heart-to-heart dialogue that is revealing and enlightening. This book will shift the way we read our experience and the way we live. Articulating on a variety of themes — the power of our choices and how they determine our level of happiness and how to make the best choices in life, understanding our emotional triggers, dealing with illusions, handling suffering and turning it to a tool for growth, and a lot more — the author provides what readers need for a joy-filled and meaningful existence.

This is a book with a powerful message and one that speaks from the heart of the author to the reader’s heart and in a language that is clear and accessible. Fans of Henri Nouwen and readers looking for a message of hope will delight in the wisdom in this book. Why Am I So Happy? is one of the rarest books that speaks to readers about themselves and that brings light into the darkness of their pain, their frustrations, and their despair.

Romuald Dzemo
  • Pub Date : October 15, 2019
  • Page count : 116
  • ISBN : --
  • Publisher : Authors Place Press

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