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Tangle with Tara (Volume 4) by Jeri Lynn Stone
Review Date : April 14, 2020

A compelling fourth entry into a series with an irresistible appeal to fans of sleuth and crime fiction, Tangle with Tara by Jeri Lynn Stone follows female Detective Tara Woods on a dangerous quest to uncover and free missing teens. She deals with murder and kidnapping and, with her partner, must determine the link between the two in order to bring down a vicious and cunning criminal.

Jeri Lynn Stone’s literary strength lies in her ability to create characters that are real and complex and a plot that leaves readers guessing what comes next. She uses premonition to arouse the sense of fear in her readers and makes them feel as though something awful could happen any moment. The imagery in the writing is strong and it appeals to the reader’s emotions in the same way it excites the imagination. The image of the young, whimpering girls with tormented eyes, six of them “bound with quarter-inch chains” that are secured to the wall is one of the powerful images that will stay with the reader and it makes for a strong opening for the story.

While the prose might suffer a bit in some parts, the dialogues reflect real human interactions and sustain the tension that moves the plot forward. I adored the skill with which this author handles character, and she does an impeccable job in letting readers see what drives her characters. The plot is tidily accomplished, and the climactic denouement leaves the readers with satisfaction. Overall, it is an emotionally charged story with great potential to entertain readers.

Christian Fernandez
  • Pub Date : October 5, 2017
  • Page count : 184
  • ISBN : 1977939414
  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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