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The Last Machaca by Aleks Lyons
Review Date : February 5, 2020

The Last Machaca: A Mythic Adventure by Aleks Lyons is a beautiful story with a strong appeal to fans of adventure and psychological thrillers. A crew working in the jungles of Ecuador loses one of its members who dies in a mysterious way. While it is hard to believe, even by the most experienced of the team, it is most probable that the death of Malcolm is linked to the legend of the Machaca. Legend holds that the Machaca is a shapeshifting creature that acts on the sentiments of fear or love of its victims. Those who are filled with fear experience insatiable sexual urges, while those who are live in love encounter the legend as a beautiful maiden with healing powers. Now, Michael Waites, a skilled psychologist with problems of his own learns of the legend and embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth — can he experience healing or doom?

Alex Lyons creates characters that are complex and that are so skillfully developed. I took a liking for Michael Waites the moment I met him in the story. His sexual life is a whole story of frustration, for while there is no medical explanation, he can’t fully experience his sexuality. The frustration is deeply felt and the reader can feel the restlessness in this character. The fact that he is falling in love with a married woman, Lydia Phillips, who happens to be his patient adds a level of complexity to the plot and the reader wants to see how things turn out for both of them.

 The writing is beautiful and confident and it is filled with suspense. I kept on wanting to know what will happen to Michael. The reader is intrigued as they follow Michael, curious to know if he can regain his virility and be able to satisfy women in bed. His obsession with the Machaca is one of the plot elements the author uses to build interest in readers and increase the emotional and psychological tension that moves the story forward. It is alleged that no one ever saw the Machaca and lived to talk about it, and the reader wants to know if Michael will be the first. The Last Machaca: A Mythic Adventure deftly plotted and confidently written, a novel with strong plot points and an exciting setting that conjures powerful images of adventure.


Jane Riley
  • Pub Date : June 12, 2019
  • Page count : 386
  • ISBN : 1546602100
  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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