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The Last Machaca by Aleks Lyons
Review Date : February 5, 2020

Aleks Lyons’ The Last Machaca: A Mythic Adventure is a fascinating tale that combines myth with adventure to create an enjoyable reading experience.

For all the time John has led the crew on the piping projects in the jungles of Ecuador, he’s heard many legends but has never believed any, until one of his crew members, Malcolm, dies under mysterious circumstances. The twelfth century myth of the shape-shifting Machaca — the creature that inspires fear and that attacks those that live in fear with insatiable sexual urges while healing those who live in love — might be real.

Michael Waites is a reputable psychologist living in Southern California, a man with a serious problem. Lately, he has been experiencing signs of impotence and there seems to be no apparent cause for that. He has even stopped asking women out as he feels powerless. While visiting his aunt’s estate in Ecuador, he becomes obsessed with the myth of the Machaca. Follow his adventure into the depths of the dangerous jungle in search for answers. Will he meet death or healing?

This is an ingeniously plotted story with elaborately developed and nuanced characters. The story starts with a powerful premise, introduced by the death of Malcolm. The reader’s curiosity is aroused right from the very beginning as they want to understand how someone can die while having an erection and in a very unlikely manner. Then there is the main plot, featuring Michael’s story, a man who can’t satisfy women in bed, no matter how hard he tries to get an erection. Now, he is falling for one of his patients, Lydia Phillips, who comes to him for help saying: “I’m feeling an increased revulsion for my life.”

The Last Machaca: A Mythic Adventure is a rollicking tale of adventure that features very tight writing, filled with gorgeous and vivid descriptions, exciting dialogues, and focused scenes. The suspense is augmented by the deft handling of subplots. It is a story with strong psychological themes and the expert handling of sexuality is one of the major strengths of the novel. A page-turner for fans of adventure with powerful twists.

David Reyes
  • Pub Date : June 12, 2017
  • Page count : 386
  • ISBN : 1546602100
  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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