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Today Cara Goes to Kindergarten
On the first day of Kindergarten and Cara wakes up with the sunshine streaming through her pink shade. While she is excited to meet the nice Mrs.[...]
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  • by Joan Ruddiman, EdD
Little Children, BIG Feelings
It is just two days before the long-awaited family camping with Noanie and PopPop, and while the little girl is excited about the camping, she is[...]
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  • by Joan Ruddiman, EdD
Cobalt Chronicles: A Novel
Cobalt Chronicles: A Novel by Kathryn Den Houter tells Esynama’s story, a young girl who struggles to emerge from an oppressive system charact[...]
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  • by Kathryn Den Houter
Finding Faith, Hope, and Love in a Broken World
Finding Faith, Hope, and Love in a Broken World by Yvonne M. Morgan is a book that is as inspirational as it is timely, a roadmap to re[...]
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  • by Yvonne M Morgan
The Decision They Made
The Decision They Made by Maria P. Frino is a spellbinding novel that melds romance, family drama, and intrigue to take readers on a ro[...]
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  • by Maria P Frino
Birds, Who Are They? A First Look
From the biological relationship, birds share with dinosaurs and crocodiles, to their crucial role in our world as we know it today, Birds, Who A[...]
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  • by David Campbell Callender
Bridging Science and Spirit: The Genius of William A. Tiller's Ph...
Bridging Science and Spirit is brimming with groundbreaking research and discoveries made by William A. Tiller, in an attempt to understand and i[...]
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  • by Nisha J. Manek MD
Left for Dead at Nijmegen: The True Story of an American Paratroo...
Gene is captured by German SS soldiers, and he stands in front of a senior officer with zero protection. The senior officer turns out to be Heinr[...]
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  • by Marcus A. Nannini

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