Corpse Beneath the Crocus

Category: Poetry
Author: N.N. Nelson
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: February 15, 2023
Number of Pages: 122
ISBN-13: 978-1-63988-738-5

Corpse Beneath the Crocus by N.N. Nelson is a collection of poems that explore themes of loss, grief, and hope. Infused with symbolism, the author captures images from nature to echo the pain of loss and the silent rhythms of a suffering heart. The metaphors are strong and the song of the bird seems to reflect the inner world of the personae: ''Poor little bird / To feel such mighty things.'' These poems are energetic and they highlight the pain that enters a soul that experiences loss. The author allows images of nature to speak strongly to her and that communion with nature is evident in the uncanny ability to project emotions and thoughts into things, sounds, and movements. Here is what happens in the early hours: ''One over all / Shrieks in the early hours / The scream of a soul in agony / Tormented by ephialtes.''

N.N. Nelson fills her poetry with intense imagery and observations of nature that are universal. The experience of loss becomes a dominant theme in the entire collection and as the poet's eyes pierce through nature, there are resounding echoes of the possibility of another life, ''Sacred melodies of rebirth / Whispered like secrets / Calling for reunion / In transformation...'' There is a yearning that is felt in each poem and each of them offers descriptions that are intriguing, inviting readers to let nature speak to them. This collection of poems constitutes a work of masterful linguistic variety and expertise, rhythmic, and filled with symbolism. Corpse Beneath the Crocus is a delightful read for fans of poetry and a gorgeous offering for readers who have experienced loss. In turns tender and captivating.

Reviewed By: Jane Riley


Date: April 27, 2023