Send Down the Master in Person: Reflections on Adolf Eichmann

Category: Poetry
Author: A. Keith Carreiro
Publisher: Copper Beech Press
Publication Date: June 23, 2022
Number of Pages: 62
ISBN-13: 978-0-9973827-3-0 (eBook)

Send Down the Master in Person: Reflections on Adolf Eichmann by A. Keith Carreiro is a trailblazing tribute to the generation that fought against the atrocities of Nazi Germany. Carreiro's work is an annotated narrative that examines the depths of Adolf Eichmann's role in orchestrating the Holocaust while also paying homage to those who fought against such unspeakable evil. Written from the perspective of a fictitious Mossad agent involved in Eichmann's capture, the work paints a vivid portrait of the horrors unleashed by the Nazis and the resilience of those who stood against them. The narrative unfolds with meticulous attention to detail, capturing both the personal life of Eichmann and his heinous actions during World War II. Through the protagonist's eyes, the author delivers the chilling reality of Eichmann's role as a mastermind of genocide, his escape from justice, and his eventual capture and execution. Carreiro intelligently infuses the narrative with historical facts and captivating imagery, creating a tale that is as informative as it is emotionally resonant.

One of the most striking aspects of Carreiro's work is the ability to humanize the victims of the Holocaust while condemning the perpetrators of such atrocities. Through vivid descriptions and powerful language, the author brings to life the courage and sacrifice of the “Greatest Generation” who fought against Nazi tyranny. This evocative work is a reminder of the importance of remembering the past and honoring those who fought for freedom and justice. Black-and-white photographs and detailed endnotes accompany the work; Send Down the Master in Person provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of Eichmann's life and the historical context in which he operated. Carreiro's meticulous research and lyrical prose make this book a compelling read and an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this dark chapter in history. This powerful and evocative narrative about one of the darkest periods in human history will resonate powerfully with contemporary readers who witness war and extremism. It can be read as a cautionary tale that reminds readers of the dangers of totalitarian regimes. 

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes


Date: April 8, 2024