Category: Poetry
Author: Karine Leno Ancellin
Publisher: Riza Press
Publication Date: December 1, 2019
Number of Pages: 102
ISBN-13: 9781999227289

To honor and thank her Athenian poetry society, Karine Leno Ancellin writes a series of wonderful poems differentiating the society of today from that of the past. Our relationship with technology and how it has infiltrated and affected even the smallest aspects of our lives are written as observant poetic verses by Ancellin. This collection of poems is relatable to everyone as it picks out the instances our minds ignore as we get accustomed to technology in our day-to-day lives. The poems share the conflicting thoughts of the author as she shops on eBay: having distrust in shopping online and wondering about the previous life of the product itself. Discussions about the transformation of relationships from ancient history to modern connections take place as well in this expansive collection.

The Missing Angle by Karine Leno Ancellin is an insightful look into the the way that technology has affective our lives. This book will push you to think deeply about the pixelated shift in our relationships and our emotions that have been belittled to meaningless emojis. The poems challenge our changing perception of the world with ancient Greek mythology as a landscape. Ancellin's poems also connect with readers' anxiety on how we are grappling with pacing ourselves and our lives with the ever-changing dynamics of a techno-centric environment.

Karine Leno Ancellin writes poetry that is poignant, present, and true to contemporary human experience, shedding great light on the shifts we have made and doing so with unequalled clarity. She explores the sadness at the loss of simple human sentiments, nostalgia, and ordinary objects caught in the whirlwind of change. Deeply reminiscent of yesterday's sincere and deeper emotions, the writer digs deep into Greek mythology and landscape to display the juxtaposition between the early days and the present. If you are looking for an interesting poetry book to alert your mind to the reality of technology, The Missing Angle by Karine Leno Ancellin is the perfect book for you.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott


Date: November 25, 2021