The Fall of Immortals (Shogun of the Heavens, Book One)

Category: Fantasy - General
Author: I.D.G. Curry
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: December 9, 2022
Number of Pages: 436
ISBN-13: 978-1639885299

Shogun of The Heavens: The Fall of Immortals by I.D.G. Curry transports readers into the world of mythology when gods and monsters engaged in phenomenal conflict. A powerful threat moves towards Gaia, and even Zeus feels threatened as he recalls the forewarning of the Sisters of Fate: “The son of a hurricane will disrupt the world’s balance and spread chaos across the heavens.” In the chaos that ensures, the gods as well as powerful beings find themselves enmeshed in conflict, a Fallen Immortal is dogged by mercenaries and he finds himself pursued even by those who once were treasured friends in another life. How far will he go to claim what is rightfully his?

Mythology is reinvented in this hugely imaginative and immersive tale of mortals and Gods, a perfect opening to a series that will enthrall fans of epic fantasy. I.D.G. Curry is a great storyteller who writes in exquisite prose, creating a world that is brimming with magic and characters that are larger-than-life, intriguing, and sophisticated. I adored the way Xauldin is written. Other characters are equally complex and elaborately explored. The prose is descriptive and the author has a terrific way of introducing the characters, from gods like Zeus to the characters like Xara. “Xara’s beauty was the embodiment of desire. Her long, dark dreadlocks hung down to her hips, and her orange eyes complimented her flawless bronze skin.” The cinematic writing and the vivid imagery are elements that ground this narrative, giving readers a unique sense of adventure and taking them to worlds that are exciting to explore. The author skillfully depicts the complex relationships between the characters and successfully balances the emotionally resonant with the frightening. 

Reviewed By: James Farlow


Date: February 12, 2023

Sci-Fi & Fantasy