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The Adventures of Toby Baxter Book 2:

Category:Young Adult - Fantasy-General

Author:Tim Wright

  • Publisher: Amazon Book Marketing Pros
  • Publication Date: October 27, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 145
  • ISBN-10: 1962290654
  • ISBN-13: 978-1962290654

In The Adventures of Toby Baxter Book 2: Riverhome for The Holidays by Tim Wright, readers are once again whisked away on a thrilling adventure filled with magic, danger, and holiday cheer. Thirteen-year-old Toby Baxter looks forward to enjoying the winter break with sledding and holiday festivities. However, his plans are interrupted when he receives a frightening warning that draws him back into the magical land of Riverhome. This time, Toby must confront an even more significant threat—the land is dying, and the sword that could save it has been taken by the trolls led by his arch-nemesis, Clygon.

Wright has the knack for weaving elements of fantasy and holiday cheer in this enthralling adventure, creating an exciting and heartwarming story. Toby's journey is filled with danger and challenges, but he is determined to save Riverhome and its inhabitants from destruction. With the help of his elvish and gnome friends, Toby sets out on a daring quest to retrieve the sword and defeat Clygon once and for all. The suspense is persistent as readers follow the young protagonist, wanting to know the outcome of his journey. Wright’s exquisite prose captures quirky moments and witty expressions that will excite readers. One of the book's highlights is Toby's unconventional approach to heroism, choosing to combat Clygon with empathy rather than physical force. Fans of Toby's first adventure will thoroughly enjoy this heartwarming holiday tale filled with thrills and inspiration—a deft and balanced tale with a protagonist that instantly steals hearts. 

Reviewed By: Jane Riley

Reviewed Date: March 17, 2024

Category: Young Adult - Fantasy-General

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