The Monster, Mayhem, & Magical Love (Peter Pan Man #3)

Category: Literary Fiction
Author: Lawrence H Sola
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Date: August 10, 2023
Number of Pages: 247
ISBN-10: 1685132537
ISBN-13: 9781685132538

The Monster, Mayhem, & Magical Love is the third entry in the Peter Pan Man series by Lawrence H. Sola and it is a mesmerizing romance littered with intrigue and surprising moments.

Larry is an author who is researching his next book. After an interview with Carla Kimbrel, a journalist from a reputable book magazine, he gets the inspiration he needs for his next novel. But everything takes a sudden and unexpected turn when a doctor who has been his fiancée’s ex-boyfriend hints at a leakage of a virus from a bioweapons lab that could cause a worldwide pandemic. Carla comes back with new suggestions for the storyline, but his ex-boyfriend’s attempts to stop Larry from publishing the book reveal a disturbing conspiracy. Nothing is what it seems. Can Larry complete his book and expose the monster while keeping his relationship from falling apart?

Lawrence H. Sola's novel brims with tension, a story that is emotionally rich with a setting that is as resonant as it is cleverly imagined. The writing is evocative and the author offers a captivating picture of life against the backdrop of a global pandemic. The characters in The Monster, Mayhem, & Magical Love are fully-drawn and complex. The internal conflict follows Larry as he seeks answers, uncertain about why Carla came into his life and suddenly stopped communicating. His relationship with Allison is not what it seems. These genuinely flawed and believable characters will keep readers turning the pages, looking forward to what happens next in the story. I loved the dazzling prose, the intrigue, and the persistent drama that fills the pages of this book.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott


Date: May 22, 2023