A Florist Called Daisy

Category: Romance
Author: Elsie G. Beya
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: February 7, 2023
Number of Pages: 454
ISBN-13: 978-1639886951

Daisy is a florist who loves her life the way it is — without a man in it. She is tough, speaks her mind, and possesses sarcasm that stings. But her life changes when she meets Stewart Burns, a frontman for an indie band. While there is obviously nothing to connect the two, Stewart's charm rubs off so easily and quickly on Daisy. The walls she has built around her life begin to crumble like petals as she falls for him. But can she allow herself to be vulnerable and be touched where she hurts deeply or will she risk her life with Stewart?

Readers will love and hate Daisy, but she is a genuinely flawed character, and Elsie G. Beya has done an extraordinary job of exploring her brokenness, allowing readers to see her hidden wounds and silent tears, and the darkness in her inner world. Her tough demeanor becomes a mask that hides her deepest wounds. The romance is cleverly written and I enjoyed the way events unfold in this unpredictable novel — just so naturally. Themes of love, friendship, and inner freedom are recurrent in this lovely story and they are beautifully written. This is a heart-warming romance in which a broken woman finds a man to mend her heart; she is afraid and hesitant, and readers watch her with interest, wanting to discover what she does next. The writing is light and the storyline is emotional and steamy. I loved the characters from the start; they are memorable and sophisticated. A Florist Called Daisy is a captivating romance where the key characters find themselves just where they should be and it will be delightful to watch as Stewart patiently helps Daisy to open her wounds and heal.

Reviewed By: Jane Riley


Date: March 5, 2023