I Don't Want to Turn 3


Author:Gramps Jeffrey

  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Publication Date: May 24, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • ISBN-10: 1665526947
  • ISBN-13: 9781665526937
  • ASIN: B096LV634T

I Don't Want to Turn 3 by Gramps Jeffrey is a story that revolves around a boy named Jordan, who is just one day shy of turning three. Jordan believes that the day he turns three, his life will become challenging, and all his freedom will be snatched away! Jordan imagines the worst and he frets over how his parents might start holding him accountable for all his actions and will expect him to be more responsible overnight.

The novel begins with a strong premise, where Jordan is a mischievous kid who takes whatever he wants from everyone and gets away with it because of how young he is. However, Jordan's fun and carefree life comes to a sudden halt when his cousins and sisters confront him. He finds himself trapped in a dilemma, about to be held responsible for all his devilish actions. Further along in the book, Jordan's father, while conversing with his son, sends a sweet message of compassion, tenderness, caring, sharing, and love in the most unexpected yet creative way.

Gramps Jeffery’s novel is a must-read for young readers who wish to learn about wonderful human traits and how they make life beautiful while enjoying Jordan's exciting and relatable adventures as he attends birthday parties, plays with his toys, takes a bath, or visits the park. The story has a captivating and strong tone, while Jordan’s thought process is beautifully expressed. The colorful illustrations make the book a delightful read, with lessons for both toddlers and adults. This is one of the books that should be on any parent’s list for Christmas gifts for toddlers and growing children; it is intelligently plotted and skillfully written.

Reviewed By: Jane Riley

Reviewed Date: October 4, 2021

Category: Children-Educational

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