By Carol J. Williams

Carol J. Williams Shares the Message of Hope in Her Book: Christ Optimizes Victory in Desolation: Prayers for Uncertain Times


Talk to us about Christ Optimizes Victory in Desolation: Prayers for Uncertain Times.


Christ Optimizes Victory In Desolation. Jesus is the best example of winning victory over being rejected by those he loved, being betrayed by one of his disciples, crown of thorns placed upon his head, spat on, whipped until blood was gushing out his side, nailed placed in his hands and feet. All of this happened, and He didn’t say a mumbling word. Jesus made the best or effective use (Optimizes) of his victory by staying on the cross, being buried, and rising from the grave. Jesus did this just so you and I could have life and that more abundantly.


 The blessing is my ability to optimize the same victory of Christ Victory during times of the uncertainty of COVID-19 or any other difficulty. 


Sometimes, it’s challenging to pray to a person we may even be angry with during this time. We may experience anger with God. The anger may result from having so many unanswered questions and wishing things were different. It’s in these moments where God will give the Intercessor (person who stands in their place and prays for individuals when they can’t pray for themselves) a strong desire to pray or, in this case, write prayers. 


Christ Optimizes Victory In Desolation is composed of prayers based on the areas I sense individuals are struggling with during this pandemic. Yes, fear is real! Yes, fear of the unknown! Yes, lack of peace is real during this time. Yes, it’s important to pray for healing and understand that Jesus still heals and performs miracles in the midst of COVID-19.


How did you come about the title for this gorgeous collection of prayers?


During my prayer time one morning, the words Christ Optimizes Victory in Desolation came to me. I thought it was to have a T-shirt designed. I had the T-shirt designed. I was strongly impressed on me to write a book of prayers for the uncertain time of COVID-19.  The focal prayer areas are on challenges related to COVID-19


Your book reveals the work of a woman of faith, can you share some of the faith-filled, inspiring moments of your life?


As we as a country have experienced many losses (not just death-related), I recall September 2, 2011, losing my job.  As an RN, I never thought I would see the day of being unemployed and having to file for unemployment.

On September 2, 2011, the company laid of seventeen individuals. I am not sure how they made their selection. I have never experienced any disciplinary actions. I was always on time for work.   I was working like any typical day and was called into the office by one of the managers. She informed me that I no longer had a job and gave me an envelope.  I only had an hour to pack up my things and exit the building before security arrives to escort me and others out of the building. I was struggling wrapping my head around being laid off and security being there in an hour.

The Lord had prepared me without me realizing it. I came in that morning and cleaned out my entire office space. While working, I was listening to Creflo O’dollar, and he said,” even if you get a pink slip, give God praise.”   I didn’t know in approximately three hours later; I would be unemployed.    The loss of a job was the Lord getting me out before the company closed months later.

In Christ Optimizes Victory In Desolation; Prayers for Uncertain Times, there’s a prayer entitled, “faith.” I had to activate my faith during this uncertain time of job loss and trust that God would see me through. I was unemployed for three months.  What the devil meant for evil God worked it out for my good. I was hired on December 6, 2011, at a hospital in the DMV area and currently employed at the same hospital. I have had fantastic opportunities and promotion.

In the midst of COVID-19 it’s imperative not to give up or lose your faith. God is the same God yesterday, today, and forever.

My faith has played an essential role also in surviving numerous of other losses.  I used to think the loss occurred with the death of loved ones starting in 1976. However,  I realized loss occurred for me during my childhood years of being molested by family members and being bullied throughout all my years of school.  I experienced both of my parents becoming the only remaining sibling. I experienced the loss of both of my dad’s parents.  My best friend died in 2005, and Mother died on November 17, 2006. My godmother killed in March 2007. I experienced numerous losses. My faith allows me to continue standing and functioning despite the multiple losses.

My faith has pushed me to write and encourage others that they can survive what has meant to destroy or kill them. I remember when my mother died writing a devotional entitled, “God is Greater Than the Pain.”   My faith has pushed me to help others deal with their loss. I am a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Certified by the Grief Recovery Method Institute and the founder of a closed Facebook Group, Strength for the Grieving by the Grieving.

My faith in God has kept me alive and keeping me alive during this uncertain time of COVID-19.

What was the process of composing these prayers like for you?


It wasn’t a struggle at all. I wrote what I heard the Lord saying to me.


How relevant is your book to the contemporary crisis?

Christ Optimizes Victory In Desolation: Prayers for Uncertain Times is very relevant to what’s going on today in regards to the pandemic but now even with the events of racism. There’s a prayer on healing! Our nation needs healing! Yes, healing spirit, soul, and body. God is a healer!

There’s a prayer on fear! Our truth is that we are afraid! However, even in our fears, God is with us! There’s also a prayer on peace! Our country needs the peace of God!

When you wrote this book did you have a demographic profile of your targeted readers?

When I wrote the book, I didn’t have a demographic profile of my targeted audience. However, once the book was published, I felt the desire for the book to go globally nationally and internationally. The book is also available online in the UK.  It’s also my desire to have the book translated in other languages.


In what way do you see your book’s title as a possible turn-on to potential readers?


I believe not only the keyword Christ as a turn on for potential readers but Victory in Desolation. Uncertain Times often causes us to feel like we’re defeated. However, even in the midst of what looks like defeat, there’s victory! Everything around us suggests losses.  However, some people have recovered from COVID-19, and not everyone has experienced a loss of jobs. Individuals in the midst of COVID-19 are experiencing opportunities.


In a nutshell, what would you consider the core message of this book?


The bible says that men should always pray and not faint. The core message of my book is to not stop praying during uncertain times. It’s our prayers during these uncertain times that will help optimize Christ Victory that’s already ours!


Anything else you’d like to share with readers?


Christ Optimizes Victory In Desolation: Prayers for Uncertain Times is a great resource to assist individuals in how to pray strategically during the Uncertain Time of COVID-19.  The book also provides encouragement, strength, and comfort. 





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