Song Over Silence: A Story About Finding My Voice While Healing Child Incest Abuse


Author:Jill Dyann Bittle

  • Publisher: FriesenPress
  • Publication Date: January 5, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 156
  • ISBN-10: 1525570420
  • ISBN-13: ‎978-1525570421
  • ASIN: 1525570420

Song over Silence: A Story about Finding My Voice While Healing Child Incest Abuse by Jill Dyann Bittle is a spellbinding memoir that documents the author's journey to healing from sexual abuse. While her parents were away on vacation, Jill's paternal grandfather sexually molested her when she was a child. It is a case of incest that has haunted her as she grew older, one that remained lodged in her subconscious mind and that affected her relationships in life far more than she could decipher. The consequences of the abuse followed her everywhere, making her inflict pain on herself, find it hard to build healthy relationships, and experience depression. What did it take for her to heal and take control of her life? That is what this memoir offers.

While the title of this book can be misleading, it is a bold memoir in which the author opens the petals of her heart and lays her wounds bare before readers. She writes extensively about the effects of incest, exploring themes like depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. Readers will encounter a person who has suffered a lot in silence, losing her confidence and self-esteem. The author provides insights about her healing therapy while writing about her work. She does not go into details when talking about the abuse, but she honestly invites readers to be more open in talking about sexual abuse. Jill Dyann Bittle is one of the many voices to break the silence in this new memoir and reveal the pain buried in the hearts of many who have shared similar experiences. Song over Silence is a deeply moving story that examines a delicate and sensitive topic. 

Reviewed By: Kim Calderon

Reviewed Date: October 1, 2022

Category: Memoir