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In Pieces by Sally Field
Review Date : November 11, 2019

In Pieces by Sally Field is a memoir that beautifully documents the life of a woman in the second half of the twentieth century, an autobiographical narrative that is written with brutal honesty and candor. The opening lines already gives powerful hints about the setting and what life felt like then: “There was no proscenium arch, no curtains or lights to create an illusion, no proper state at all. |It was just a classroom with all the chairs and their seventh-grade occupants pushed aside in disorganized clumps.”  Readers follow the young protagonist through a lonely childhood and how she found her own voice. 

This actor, whose career has captivated millions of people over the years, takes readers through a life few knew, lifting the veil to reveal her nudity, her moments of pain and uncertainty, and the struggles that shaped her into the icon she’s become. In Pieces reveals that beneath the dazzling beauty and the stage personality of the woman we adore, there is the shyness of a child and the brokenness of a woman —it’s a tale about the humanity of the protagonist, captured in prose that is lovely and, surprisingly, lyrical.  In Pieces is a narrative that will delight not only the fans of Sally Field, but one that will bring inspiration to hearts groping in the night of uncertainty. It is poignant, deep, and emotionally engaging.

Bertin Drizller
  • Pub Date : October 15, 2019
  • Page count : 432
  • ISBN : 1538763036
  • Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

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